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Top 5 Gaming Dissertation Topic Ideas

Top 5 Gaming Dissertation Topic Ideas

Published: Monday, January 18, 2021Tagged: Gaming

Any college student around the world knows that to graduate, they need to write their dissertation. Video games are known to gain more and more momentum, especially during these tough days. The last year was marked by a global pandemic, but also by a spectacular rise in the number of video game players. Games come both with benefits and disadvantages, but it all depends on your perspective.

Top 5 Gaming Dissertation Topic Ideas

The dissertation is the perfect opportunity for many students that are passionate about games to elaborate more on the subject. Many would think that you can choose your gaming topic for your dissertation only if you were studying computer science, technology, or other related fields. But games are not only about technology. They have an impact on health, both physical and mental, on how people interact and socialize with one another, and why not, on how a society develops. So, below are the top 5 gaming dissertation topic ideas you could discuss.

1. Dissertation Writing on The Effects of Playing Video Games for Children

The generations that are born nowadays will grow up with technology. Learning how to use smartphones or play video games will be a piece of cake. But is playing video games good for children? They are constantly developing their skills, but also their perspective on the world. So, which are the effects of playing video games from an early age? Are there any games that have negative effects on children’s development, such as shooter games?

The psychology of children is a field of psychology that looks at how children develop, both mentally and physically. Playing games from an early age can have a multitude of effects, both positive and negative. However, if you feel you don’t know much about the subject but you would like to discuss it in your dissertation, you have another option. Work with Edubirdie to help you with your dissertation writing. They can come up with ideas, edit and proofread your dissertation, and make suggestions. And this collaboration can be fruitful and a source of inspiration for many students. 

2. Can Video Games be a Part of Education?

As the gaming industry is tremendously developing, the diversity of games is growing. In some cases, video games can be the educational tool many teachers are looking after. There might be some concepts that are difficult to express in words, so video games can help with the explanations. They are especially helpful for toddlers and children that are just learning things about vegetables, fruits, animals, nature, and society. But can video games become indispensable educational tools? Should they be included in any school curricula?

3. The Common Themes of Video Games

Another topic of gaming that is interesting looks at the main themes of video games. If you look at the birth of the industry and its development, you may notice some common themes to many games. And even though the field of games is still developing, sex and violence might be among the most common themes. Why is this happening? How do game players relate to these issues in games? Do these games change players' perspectives on violence?

4. Case Study on the Exposure to Games from an Early Age

If you can choose any topic for your dissertation related to your study field, then this case study might be the topic you are looking for. The exposure to video games from an early age caught the attention of education specialists, sociologists, and mental health professionals alike. There are many studies online that compare adults who didn’t play video games at all with adults that played a lot of video games. Are there any changes in their development or view of the world?

5. The Impact of Video Games on Mental and Moral Development

Which is the impact of playing video games on your development? Do those common themes found in games, which are mostly on sex and violence, affect your mental and moral development? These are some of the questions that psychologists have tried to answer since the birth of video games.

While you can find online an essay that points out the negative effects of video games, you can also find studies that highlight their benefits. So, you will find online studies that support both views and it is essential to analyze them carefully and draw your conclusion.


The industry of video games is a fast-growing one and this rapid growth has caught the attention of health specialists, sociologists, teachers, and parents alike. While there are some common themes in video games, others were created with an educational purpose. Exploring the benefits of playing video games, but also their effect on the moral and mental development of individuals should shed a light on this passion many youngsters have.

Author Bio: Michael Turner is a blogger and weekly contributor to a local gaming magazine. He is also a proficient professional writer who loves writing on topics such as gaming, psychology, and compassion. Michael’s favorite video game is DOTA.

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