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Best Features About The Xbox Series X Features

Best Features About The Xbox Series X Features

Published: Tuesday, February 09, 2021Tagged: Gaming, Xbox Series X|S

Since the release of the Xbox Series X back in November 2020, we have now had a substantial amount of time to get used to the console and work our ways around the latest release in the Xbox series. Having spent a couple of months on the console now, we thought we’d tell potential customers what we think are the best features about the new Xbox Series X.

Best Features About The Xbox Series X Features

The best feature about the new Xbox and clearly the most significant in terms of innovative ideas on the gaming scene is the Quick Resume feature which is exclusive to Xbox users. In essence, the Quick Resume features will allow gamers to jump between their favourite games effortlessly by the console being able to run multiple games at the same time. This is something that we have never seen on the market before and something that not many gamers have asked for, but certainly something that we are pleased to see on the new Xbox and certainly makes it stand out amongst competitors.

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The Quick Access Toolbar has also been a welcome feature on the new Xbox as it will be the hub of your gaming experience and something that you will use most frequently on the console. Once you have set up your Quick Access Toolbar, you will be able to navigate through your Xbox seeming less between user notifications, shortcuts, to the store, search tool, and even basic audio settings which allow for the best navigation tool on the Xbox Series X.

And finally, the Share Button that has been added to the Xbox remote which is something that gamers have been asking for some time now and are finally blessed with it on the new consoles. The share button will allow gamers to record videos and capture screenshots whilst mid-game without leaving the game that they are on. Once they have been captured, these can be uploaded easily through social media or streaming services like YouTube or Twitch. This has been a feature on the PlayStation for some time now so it is nice that Xbox users can now benefit from this as well now.

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