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Platforming sequel 'Super Meat Boy Forever' out now on Xbox Series, PS5, Xbox One and PS4

Platforming sequel 'Super Meat Boy Forever' out now on Xbox Series, PS5, Xbox One and PS4

Published: Friday, April 16, 2021Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Store

Super Meat Boy Forever, the long-awaited sequel to 2010's runaway platforming hit Super Meat Boy, is now available for digital download on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PS5. Get it on the Microsoft Store!

In the time since we saw him last, Meat Boy has been hitting the gym and he now packs a punch with an oversized, Battletoads-esque right fist that packs a mean whollup! Combined with new slide and plummet maneuvers, Meat Boy is more agile than ever!

What’s better than playing through Super Meat Boy Forever once? The answer is simple: Playing through Super Meat Boy Forever several times and having new levels to play each time! Levels are randomly generated and each time the game is completed the option to replay the game appears and generates a whole new experience by presenting different levels with their own unique secret locations. We’ve handcrafted literally thousands of levels for players to enjoy and conquer. You can replay Super Meat Boy Forever from start to finish several times before ever seeing a duplicate level. It is truly a remarkable feat of engineering and a monumental example of ignoring the limits of rational game design and production.

Super Meat Boy Forever is available today on Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Super Meat Boy Forever Digital Download

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Microsoft Store: here

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