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5 classic games you can play on Xbox

5 classic games you can play on Xbox

Published: Monday, June 21, 2021Tagged: Gaming

When we think of Xbox games, our minds will often jump to something flashy with loads of explosions and action. Games like Battlefield and Halo will always keep your team on the edge of your seats as you experience the heat of battle in real-time. But how about for those moments that you need a game with less pizzazz? I am sure there are days where you want your butt to be firmly placed on your seat instead of teetering on the edge. Something like a board game! But what if you don't want to leave the house? Well... Guess what? Xbox has options for you! And this article will go over five of them.

5 classic games you can play on Xbox

Solitaire 3D

With over 100 different solitaire versions to choose from, it'll be impossible to not find something you want to try out. You don't even have to spend time setting it up! Just a couple of clicks will do everything you need the game to do. For those that are competitive, there is a global high score tracker that will keep pushing you to do better. And for those that are new to any of the options available, Solitaire 3D has a tutorial for every game in the program.

Mahjong Adventure DX

Much like the previous recommendation, you easily take all of the set-up time out of the equation and just jump straight into a game of Mahjong. While this game only focuses on one specific classical game, there are sooooo many metals that you can earn! You earn them by completing levels with different puzzles. And if you ever get stuck, the game has several options that can help you get out of the jam. Oh, and did I mention how soothing the soundtrack is? It'll help you relax.

Word Sudoku

The classic newspaper filler is now available on the Xbox! AND it offers a twist! You can now play with numbers OR words. With the word version, you will need to place nine words that are all nine letters long in three directions – up and down, left to right, and inside a nine-by-nine box. The numbers version still works the same as the classic newspaper filler. And before the game begins, you can select a level from beginner to expert.


Whether you have a group of friends together or you want to play solo, the classic UNO is available for you on Xbox! You can either play locally with one other player, online with up to three other players, or by yourself against up to three AI opponents. Beyond that, the game is the same as the paper version – you match cards based on their number or color, you can play wilds to change the color and/or force an opponent to draw more cards, and your goal is to be the first person to empty their hand. Don't forget to press UNO when you get down to your last card!

Monopoly Plus

In the Xbox version, you get to watch the city you are building come to life! AND you can change the rules to fit the game style you like; you have a catalog of six house rules that you can implement. You can play with up to six players locally or up to six players online. Oh, and you can take photos in-game as you are playing; amplifying your experience and giving you a chance to share with other friends.

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