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Next-Gen Is Here, But What Next?

Next-Gen Is Here, But What Next?

Published: Tuesday, July 13, 2021Tagged: Gaming

With the arrival of both the Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5, the next generation of consoles and games will certainly look to deliver on all the features many fans have been hoping to see for a long time – although shortages and production delays also mean that many don’t yet have their hands on one, the time will come. In the meantime, mobile gaming will certainly look to continue leading the way forward and with big changes in popular genres with the likes of betting through or the growing focus on gambling with big streamers turning their attentions, it’s a small distraction for now. The big question being asked now by some, however, is what can be expected when the current lifecycle of these devices comes to an end, or what may change in the meantime on these newer consoles to close the gap to other devices?

Next-Gen Is Here, But What Next?

One of the big suggestions has been towards the performance, these new consoles have already started to push sixty frames-per-second performance, although something that many PC players may find a bit modest it is a big push forward from the previous thirty frames-per-second of the previous generation. As the developers start to really push how far the hardware can go over the coming years, it may even start to be a possibility that some games can be edged forward a little and pass these pre-set caps, but it may also be something that comes with the later generation of consoles as uncapped frame rates become something more desirable as displays get better and faster – particularly as televisions start to edge closer toward things like 120hz refresh rates, and will require a higher frame rate in order to deliver on the performance there.

Another space that may look to find expansion and something that certainly looks to be on the way too is in modding support – some games have managed to service well past their use by date with the likes of Skyrim still being a huge game largely in part to the big mods that allow the game to keep thriving too, whilst console games have started to add modding support in and pushing the option, it’s still a little more limited. If these next gen consoles can allow much greater modding support than before, it may also allow for some of the biggest games to find much greater success too and may allow a huge amount of customisation between the devices in order to better develop the console gaming scene which is very much thriving.

As the consoles are still so new however not a great deal can be expected, developers of newer games are still figuring things out and firmware for the hardware is still early, it’ll take a few years for these devices to reach their full potential, and the “what next” question may be a little closer to finding an answer more rooted in fact.

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