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Dustwind: The Last Resort launches September 15th; Xbox digital pre-order available now!

Dustwind: The Last Resort launches September 15th; Xbox digital pre-order available now!

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Post-apocalyptic real-time tactical action game Dustwind: The Last Resort is now available to pre-order on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, ahead ot its September 15 release date.

Dustwind - The Last Resort

Dustwind - The Last Resort is a post-apocalyptic real-time tactical action game with demanding combat, hours of exploration and a moving story. The engrossing single-player campaign takes place in 16 gripping story missions. Roam the Wastelands in single-player mode, develop your own survival strategies, find weapons and equipment, adapt your character to your preferred way of playing, and become a leader in these dark times. Become the nameless heroine of the Wastelands!

25 years have passed since the ‘Awakening’ – a cataclysmic event triggered by a renegade artificial intelligence known as ‘Mainframe’. The AI’s robot armies targeted all other life forms on Earth. Humans won the war, but only barely.

The few survivors of this apocalypse now struggle to survive in the Wastelands. It’s a free-for-all here – a brutal time to be alive! While foraging for food in the Wastelands, you and your daughter are ambushed by Raiders. They torture you, rob you, and leave you for dead. But in a curious way, their murderous ambush invigorates you. Amnesiac and hopelessly out-gunned, you vow to save your daughter! But you must proceed with caution and choose your tactics wisely, or you won’t stand a chance! In the course of your adventures, you realize that it is not just your own destiny that is at stake – this is about so much more.

Developed by Dustwind Studios and published by Z-Software GmbH, Dustwind: The Last Resort is available to pre-order for Xbox Series S|X and Xbox One today for $17.99.

Dustwind launches September 15th on Xbox One, Series S|X, and PlayStation.

Dustwind - The Last Resort Digital Download

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Microsoft Store: here

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