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Warhammer: End Times Vermintide Announced for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Warhammer: End Times Vermintide Announced for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Published: Thursday, February 05, 2015Tagged: Gaming, Xbox One,

Independent developer Fatshark announced earlier this week that their upcoming co-operative action first person shooter and melee combat adventure video game "Warhammer: End Times Vermintide", is coming and will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC later this year.


In Vermintide, the city of Ubersreik is under siege as players select from a band of five heroes with different play-styles and abilities, all equipped with unique gear and personalities. Working together cooperatively, players must use their individual attributes to survive an apocalyptic invasion from hordes of relentless, power hungry Skaven, across a range of environments stretching from the top of the Magnus Tower to the bowels of the Under Empire.

“Combining gritty combat with cooperative multiplayer action, Vermintide will provide the player with a completely new perspective of the Warhammer Fantasy universe, through the eyes of the heroes they play,” said Martin Wahlund, CEO of Fatshark. “Staying true to the fantasy lore, with familiar foes and locations, we look forward to winning the hearts of enthusiasts and newcomers with this new take on the Warhammer story”


Vermintide Screenshot Vermintide Screenshot

"Warhammer: End Times Vermintide" is scheduled for release in the second half of 2015 for Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC. For more information on the game, please browse through all of our Xbox One Games coverage including the latest Vermintide screenshots, videos, news and upcoming xbox one games.

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