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3 Things Every Beginner Should Know About MOBA Games

3 Things Every Beginner Should Know About MOBA Games

Published: Monday, December 13, 2021Tagged: Gaming

MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. MOBA games are kind of like the MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) of digital combat. Imagine Mortal Kombat with a strategy veneer akin to some of the battle systems in WoW, and where each character controls their own army. What if you could upgrade Scorpion, and play him like a general?

3 Things Every Beginner Should Know About MOBA Games

In fact, this suggestion has already been made by fans. The big difference between “fighting” games and “MOBA” games is threefold: MOBA games are online, allowing you to play with others who are logged in to the same server remotely, you get to move between varying realms, your “hero” commands an army, and you’re not stuck in one battle arena.

With these things in mind, here we’ll briefly explore the three main things you should know as a MOBA beginner to help you have the most fun.

1. The Goal: Teams Control “Armies” or “Players” in Contests

Essentially, you’re working with a team of players that each control a champion. That champion supervises other digital soldiers, sometimes entire armies, who have as their object the total destruction of “enemy” territories. The idea is to get into a variety of massive fights with other players on competing teams. The better the champion you control, the better the battles go.

2.Champion Tier Lists

Tier lists such as MOBA Champion’s League of Legends tier list are put together based on character contests and outcomes. Those who put such lists together will design them from the calculations which center on variables harvested through players in the millions. That’s a lot of data to parse! Ultimately, a very accurate representation of optimal character tiers is reached.

Real matches played by real people help those who put such lists together design contemporary LoL tiers that beginners can use to help give them the best foundation from which to wage a campaign. You want the right players in the right positions to have the most lucrative outcome in varying battle arenas.

3. MOBA Games Are the Vanguard of a New Digital Sport

League of Legends is one of the world’s most played games, if it’s not the most played game in the world as of December, 2021. Essentially, MOBA games are at the top of the eSports food chain presently.

If you get skilled in the online digital battle arena, you can actually compete internationally for real-world prizes; so if you enjoy this sort of gameplay, lean into it. Ostensibly, it could become a future career.

Having the Most Fun With MOBA Games

MOBA games are a new phenomenon, and they’re transforming the online gaming industry presently. As an eSport, they’re quite popular, and that popularity is only growing. LoL is one of the most popular games in the world presently, so if you want to compete legitimately, it’s worthwhile to be familiar with this game.

To that end, you’ll want to engage with and understand tier lists so you can get your gaming started off on the right foot. You want to control armies and players in contests with precision and skill.

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