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Joycity adds 'Ayla' to ever expanding 3on3 FreeStyle lineup

Joycity adds 'Ayla' to ever expanding 3on3 FreeStyle lineup

Published: Thursday, December 23, 2021Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Steam, Windows, Xbox DLC, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Store

JoyCity has announced that their brand new character, Ayla has been added to the ever expanding 3on3 FreeStyle (‎@3on3FreeStyle) lineup. #AylaHasArrived#3on3FreeSyle

Joycity adds 'Ayla' 'to the ever expanding 3on3 FreeStyle lineup

Ayla, unlike her older sister Nadia, is an absolute perfectionist. As the story goes, she works as the catalytic agent, the conflict between the street basketball and elite basketball factions. Just like Nadia, Ayla is a Dual Skill System player, the second ever to be added to the game. Her skill set will change when alternating from defense and offense. Ayla specializes in passing. As a true team player, she can quickly pass the ball to a teammate and create a path to victory.

Ayla features 2 new skills. Her first skill, ‘Shammgod Crossover’, changes her drive motion to Shammgod motion and causes the ‘ankle break’ effect to an opponent while she is performing a crossover. Her second skill ‘A-pass’, allows her to execute a lightning-quick pass to a teammate. This special pass cannot be intercepted which is extraordinarily useful when Ayla is far from her teammate. She can also use her passive skill ‘Pass During Drive-In’ to quickly pass the ball while she performs a drive.

In addition, Joycity is including sizeable skill balance updates with the patch. FreeStyle’s activation mechanism is completely changed to allow a larger variety of playstyles. Diving Catch, Sliding Catch, and Floater Skills’ success rates and activation ranges are increased so those skills can be used more efficiently. A Teammate’s screen will be adjusted to lessen the influence on your scoring chance.

3on3 FreeStyle is available to play on Xbox, PlayStation and Steam. Download it for free!

3on3 FreeStyle Digital Download

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