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Is The Matrix Awakens for Xbox a Worthy Game in the Sprawling Franchise?

Is The Matrix Awakens for Xbox a Worthy Game in the Sprawling Franchise?

Published: Tuesday, February 22, 2022Tagged: Gaming

Xbox users were recently treated to a special free game allowing them to get a taste of the power and capabilities of the Unreal Engine 5. The Matrix Awakens from Epic Games is a free offering for console users, but anyone who was hoping for a full-scale epic has been left disappointed by the short demo. Judging by the popularity of the franchise in other games, it’s a surprise that developers didn’t make a larger title to promote The Matrix Resurrections.

Is The Matrix Awakens for Xbox a Worthy Game in the Sprawling Franchise?

The Matrix Slots and Other Games Have Been Highly Successful

It could be argued that Warner Bros. Pictures missed a trick by failing to commission an official game to accompany the release of the Matrix Resurrections. The film underwhelmed at the box office and could have used more marketing support. The Matrix slot at highlights how the franchise is still popular among gamers, and it stands out as one of the most striking thumbnails in lists of other well-loved slots. This market is competitive as well, and a new Matrix slot would have attracted a lot of attention.

Other past Matrix games have been hits, with a couple of excellent offerings accompanying the original movie trilogy. Enter the Matrix and The Matrix: Path of Neo from Shiny Entertainment gave players a taste of what it was like to have the powers of the characters from the action flicks.

The Matrix Awakens Leaves Players Wanting More

Most of the people who have played the Matrix Awakens have enjoyed the experience, and some publications like have stated that it gives a glimpse into the future of video games. The game acts as a showcase for the latest iteration of the Unreal Engine, which is expected to be one of the most important systems on the Xbox Series X/S. It uses Nanite, a high-tech upgrade that allows the importation of photographic source material, meaning that characters are truer to their real-life selves than ever before.

The Matrix Awakens was primarily designed as a demonstration of this engine. However, fans of the franchise will be glad to know that it stays true to the Matrix lore and was written by the director of Resurrections, Lana Wachowski. The game also features the two main stars, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, playing Neo and Trinity respectively. Players take control of a brand-new character called IO. The problem is that it is too short, and players are left hungry for more.

Will there be any Other Matrix Games for Xbox?

According to, Reeves, a well-known lover of video games, finds it unbelievable that there isn’t a modern Matrix game in the same vein as the games from the 2000s. The actor has said that if it doesn’t come to fruition soon, he’d be open to making one himself. That’s positive news, and players may be hoping that a developer will expand on the ideas of The Matrix Awakens using the new version of the Unreal Engine.

The Matrix Awakens is a novel experience, but it doesn’t stack up against all the other great titles related to the franchise. It is high time that a developer makes a worthy offering for modern Xbox audiences using the new engines available.

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