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Xbox Hacks: 3 Easy Ways to Use Cheats for Any Game

Xbox Hacks: 3 Easy Ways to Use Cheats for Any Game

Published: Friday, April 22, 2022Tagged: Gaming

Cheats are the guilty pleasure of many gamers. If you want to be taken seriously as a gamer, they're risky. Competitive players can just forget about it: cheats are downright illegal in multiplayer situations. However, cheats have been there since the dawn of video games. Those old enough to have played games like Mortal Kombat during the 90s can still remember the magazines full of tricks and cheat codes: the only way to learn them back then.

Xbox Hacks: 3 Easy Ways to Use Cheats for Any Game

Luckily, we no longer have to wait for a magazine to dedicate an edition to our favorite games. There’s quality information about pretty much any game online, and learning new cheats has never been easier. Here are some awesome tricks you can do with your Xbox.

Wait… Isn’t Cheating Wrong?

Cheats have been there since the early games, although they weren’t born to give an advantage to players. Back then, cheat codes were created for game testing purposes. The game Manic Miner, from 1983, was designed with a code to unlock the “test mode,” or the cheat mode. Developers quickly realized how entertaining it was for players. Soon, they began introducing cheat modes in new titles and even advertising those cheats with the game.

So, if you’re playing solo and wish to improve your experience or play in a group where everybody can use the same cheats, there’s nothing wrong with it. Still, cheating to gain an unfair advantage against other players is obviously wrong. Not only that, but it can get you banned from a game.

Check below for some cool cheats you can use in pretty much any Xbox game. You can also try making cheats with Guided Hacking.

Spiced Up Controllers

Does making a controller smarter count as cheating? The system doesn’t think so. The console can’t detect the so-called “modded controllers” since they don’t involve cheat codes.

Modded controllers are optimized with automated keys and pre-programmed responses. These automated options can be the difference between life and death in some games. Because the console doesn’t understand it as cheating, this kind of controller is becoming quite popular.

Software Hacks

When it comes to games, hacking a console can be more challenging than hacking a computer. In computer games, it’s enough to install a new packet or modify an existing one. In Xbox’s case, you need to hack the whole console by installing a new operating system. Still, this kind of hack usually works with old consoles, as new ones come protected against it from the shelf.

More Space

The new Xbox consoles come with 1TB of space, and though it sounds like a lot, games are getting heavier. The good news is that you can expand your storage space by connecting your console to a hard drive via USB.


Playing video games has become a well-paid job for many professional gamers. The increasing level of professionalism in the niche is pushing for more “cheat-proof” consoles. After all, no one wants to lose to foul play, especially not when playing for real money.

This means that unsigned or unauthorized cheats are extremely difficult to pull off. Certainly, this time would be better spent mastering the game with fair play. However, feel free to use cheats provided and authorized by the developer, as these are harmless, easy to perform, and fun to watch.

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