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Light-Hearted 2D Roguelite FALLING OUT drops on console and PC in 2022

Light-Hearted 2D Roguelite FALLING OUT drops on console and PC in 2022

Published: Monday, May 02, 2022Tagged: Gaming, [email protected], Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Store

Firestoke and PolyCrunch Games announced that the challenging yet accessible roguelite, FALLING OUT, will be dropping on console and PC in 2022. The announcement is supported by a feature-rich demo that will be immediately available to download on Steam.

In FALLING OUT you take control of two accidental adventurers, Giorgio and Felicie, as you explore ancient kingdoms, discover treasures, take on ghastly creatures and try to avoid traps. The dream getaway has quickly turned into a holiday from hell, so ditch the itinerary because you’ll now need to choose your own path. Navigate through procedurally generated temples that are scattered with unique obstacles and challenges - all offering the perfect balance of risk and reward.

You don’t always get on but you’ll need to work together. Play in either single-player or multiplayer co-op, utilise their unique attributes by seamlessly switching characters and traverse through each world to find the way out.

The temples are also a little prone to flooding…so ​​don't hang about for too long, grab what you can and get to the exit before it’s too late. Oh, and please don’t leave your partner behind…

FALLING OUT will be available for console and PC later in 2022.

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