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RWBY x Paladins crossover update arrives in June

RWBY x Paladins crossover update arrives in June

Published: Wednesday, June 01, 2022Tagged: Free, Gaming, [email protected], Windows, Xbox DLC, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Store

Hi-Rez Studios announced that four RWBY huntresses and two more characters will be playable as Champion skins in the Paladins x RWBY Crossover, revealed just now with a superb trailer in June.

Hi-Rez announce RWBY x Paladins crossover in new trailer

Six characters from the acclaimed animated series RWBY are joining the fantasy Realm of Paladins as Champion skins. This partnership acknowledges what is now a long-lasting friendship between Hi-Rez and Rooster Teeth, as Paladins met gen:LOCK last year while SMITE x RWBY was Hi-Rez’s first-ever Crossover Battle Pass back in 2019.

This June, Paladins players will be able to play Team RWBY with Blake Belladonna as a Saati skin, Weiss Schnee as the fiery Furia, Yang Xiao Long Imani, and of course Ruby Rose for Vora, armed with her deadly scythe. Even better, uncle Qrow will tag along as a Corvus skin—and their archenemy Salem will try to take over the Realm as a skin for Seris, the oracle of the Abyss.

The four RWBY skins will be part of the new Crossover Pass, while players can unlock Qrow and Salem in a chest as well as in direct purchase. Some characters are voiced by original actresses and the event will also feature a dozen cosmetic items referencing the RWBY universe.

Check out the new trailer below:

All details will be shared later today, June 1st, at 1 pm, on the Paladins Twitch channel and the RWBY update will go out in June.

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