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Top 5 Video Games Where You Can Gamble

Top 5 Video Games Where You Can Gamble

Published: Thursday, August 04, 2022Tagged: Gaming

In their quest to keep their players entertained and loyal, online casinos have added video games as part of their offerings. This has prompted gamers to incorporate gambling features in their games.

With the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies, btc live casino sites have continued to make a name for themselves as the preferred option. This not only makes the gambling experience worthwhile, but also enjoyable.

With the increasing number of countries legalising online gambling, enthusiasts can now access games on their gaming consoles whether it’s an Xbox or Playstation 4. They can enjoy online and video gaming at their convenience. Let’s check out a few of the online games where a player can gamble:

Online Video Games

  1. Resident Evil 4

The game invites players to join Leon Kennedy’s top secret assignment as a US agent investigating the kidnapping of the President’s daughter. The tour with Leon is one of the highlights. The player can also take part in the Blackjack mini-games from time to time as they experience life on the wild side.

  1. Watchdogs

In this game, players will experience a variety of action, thriller, and adventure elements. They will see real life-cities that have been fictionalised to fit into the gameplay. As the main character, the player will interact with some criminal masterminds. Fighting corrupt bosses, business, and leaders would be the player’s mission.

Aside from the mini-games, one can also play casino games like poker and roulette. The poker table is very detailed, and you will find yourself immersed in your quest to win money and beat your opponents.

  1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto is a well-known video game franchise developed by the Award Winning game developer Rockstar Games back in September 2013, that was always the subject of controversy when new versions were being released. The main character of the game, Carl Johnson, is on a quest to save his family from bad guys. The video games highlight the essence of street life, so those who enjoy this theme will definitely love this game. GTA Online was introduced a few weeks after the launch of GTA 5, which helped the franchise thrive more than seven years after it was first launched.

In July 2019, Rockstar made it possible for GTA Online players to access the game through the Diamond Casino and Resort. Access is granted exclusively to those who have purchased a membership. You can either choose the basic membership which will cost you $500 or VIP membership that requires you to purchase a penthouse that goes for a minimum of $1,500,000. The former gives you a welcome gift of 5,000 chips and allows you access to slot machines, table games, lucky wheel and inside track while the latter has virtually all the VIP perks and upgrades that you can afford.

  1. Red Dead Redemption

It’s the story of John Marston, a former outlaw, who has been forced to bring his old gang to justice. Red Dead Redemption 2 replaces Marston with Arthur Morgan, a member of the gang Marston attacked in the first game. The Online edition takes place in the world of the second game and offers everything the players loved about the sequel.

Red Dead Redemption 1, 2 and Online offer players the chance to play some of the best casino games as well as other games that were popular at the time.

  1. Fall Out: New Vegas

This action RPG game was released by Bethesda in 2010 as a spin-off of the popular series, Fallout. The game was quite popular thanks to its gripping plot and captivating quests. If you want more than a melee weapon to slash your enemies, you can roll the dice in some of the world’s most renowned casinos. It doesn’t matter if you’re a high roller or a casual gambler, there is a casino for you.


26% of the entire world’s population participate in gambling activities, which makes it one of the biggest industries. While not everyone plays on smartphones, others prefer to play on PCs, while others prefer to play on their Xbox or Playstations. On the console, one can choose modes and adjust difficulty settings based on your preferences. To heighten the experience, you can unlock lots of cards decks and poker tables through gameplay.

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