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Horizon Chase Celebrates its 7th Anniversary with the launch of Free New Game Mode

Horizon Chase Celebrates its 7th Anniversary with the launch of Free New Game Mode

Published: Monday, August 15, 2022Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X|S

It's been 7 years since Aquiris Game Studio pressed the release button on the very first version of Horizon Chase. What started in the Christmas of 2014 as “Project Retroracers”, our little homage to our all-time favorite 80s and 90s retro racers, particularly Top Gear, ended up growing into a huge project that has become a modern classic in the arcade racing genre across consoles, PC, and mobile!

Horizon Chase Celebrates its 7th Anniversary with the launch of Free New Game Mode

With more than 80 Million downloads and plenty of new updates along these years, we had to prepare something truly special in order to celebrate this 7th anniversary. For that, we created a brand new game mode called Adventures, freely available from today on PC and consoles. In Adventures, players have the chance to collect cool skins for the game by completing a set of challenges. Also, we invite our community to join us on social media, as many surprises will keep coming until the end of the month!

Adventures will offer plenty of content, totalling an average of 8 hours of gameplay and it works in the following way:

1. Each time a new car is unlocked in the classic World Tour mode, a set of 5 tracks will become available composing a new Adventure to get through. When the player completes all the tracks of each adventure, one exclusive skin is unlocked. Check out one of the special skins in the following image:

Horizon Chase - You got a new skin

2. The player needs to unlock all the cars in the World Tour to be able to access the 34 Adventures, once the 5 races of each adventure are won, the special skin for the car associated with that adventure will be unlocked.

Horizon Chase - Win all races to unlock new car skins

During the month of August we will be celebrating 7 years with you, Horizon Chase players! There will be many activities happening, from discounts of the base game and its expansions to new exclusive community content paying homage to the game, and even the release of Horizon Chase on a new platform (yes, there are still platforms where Horizon Chase is not available on, yet :))!

The most important part of this celebration are the players who have been devoting countless hours of fun and challenges to our game. To thank you for the constant support during all these years, we created the initiative “Show all your love for Horizon Chase”, where you can share your best moments spent playing our game on the Discord Channel and that way contribute to a special gift we are preparing. Don’t miss it and submit your moment until the 14th of August! And finally, don’t forget to stay tuned to the Horizon Chase social media profiles on the 20th of this month to be the first to discover the surprise content we are creating with all your lovely retroracing memories!

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