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Could you get into eSports coaching?

Could you get into eSports coaching?

Published: Tuesday, September 20, 2022Tagged: Gaming

A love of eSports is something that is probably better understood in the mainstream these days than it ever used to be. If you’re a gamer aged around 40, you probably remember a time in your youth when someone told you that gaming was a waste of time. You’d rot your brain playing those games, you’d be much better off going outside and getting some fresh air.

Could you get into eSports coaching?

Notwithstanding the facts that areas for young people to gather “outside” without spending money they don’t have are rare as hen’s teeth, and that the air in most residential areas is anything but fresh, the growth of eSports into a billion-dollar industry shows that gaming is far from a waste of time. In addition to helping to build creative problem-solving skills and developing hand-eye coordination, gaming has become a feasible career path for many. And while you may not be able to break into the industry as a player, coaching has become a distinct possibility for many eSports fans.

But don’t you need to be a player before you can coach?

Well, all eSports coaches are players. They might not be pro players, but that’s a different thing. The question is justified in that it seems hard to conceive of how a player who hasn’t experienced the highs and lows of competition can possibly deliver tips and coaching to someone who aims to compete at a higher level. But on the flip side, an ever-growing number of sports coaches are people who never played at any official level - and some of the best players in a given sport turn out to be abysmal at coaching. As it turns out, being naturally talented at something doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to confer that talent to others.

So how can you develop as a coach?

You’ll need to become knowledgeable about the game and understand it conceptually. This means studying it both through playing it yourself and through looking into the elements of it that most people find difficult. Read up about the tactical elements of the game and understand the principles that make a difference between winning and losing.

If you occasionally bet on DotA with the highest parlay limits around, look into what all of your winning bets have in common. Then study the things that made those wins possible. It’s possible to understand a game in depth without being skilled enough to become elite - and by good fortune, the understanding that you build through study will often mirror the weak spots of more naturally-skilled players.

How can this become a career?

There is no agreed career path for eSports coaching, because as a job type it is very much in its infancy. The best bet is to gain an online presence, which can involve making instructional videos and having informational streams. Naturally, you don’t want to give everything away on free-to-air streams or videos, but you can be informative without doing that. Gain an audience by playing games other than your specialty, including some more esoteric games, and be entertaining enough that people remember you and come back.

You should offer your coaching services, potentially free to begin with, to local players and teams and build yourself a resume. As time goes on and a reputation builds, you can gain connections with teams at higher levels and seek to go from there. For some people, this turns into a six-figure salary. Even if you don’t reach that level, it can be a decent career.

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