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Top 3 Games Dedicated to Movies

Top 3 Games Dedicated to Movies

Published: Monday, September 26, 2022Tagged: Gaming

Gamers are prejudiced against games based on movies. They believe that they often turn out mediocre, because the studios order them to make extra money on fans, and the special requirements for the elaboration of the plot and graphic components are not put forward. But there are projects that are not inferior to the original movies. Some of them are simple and available at National Casino, while others are more versatile. If you remember the original pictures, these games will also fascinate you.

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Alien: Isolation - Be Quiet if You Want to Survive

You will play as Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley's daughter from the 1979 film. According to the plot, she is sent to the spaceship to learn the fate of her missing mother. This is where the black box from the Nostromo, the ship where Ellen Ripley was last seen, was brought in for decoding.

You will have to explore the ship, solve puzzles and perform tasks. For example, to open the door to a new compartment, you must first find clues: staff notes, inscriptions on the walls, and scattered objects. Tasks are complicated by the fact that close by is always Alien, ready to pounce on you. So you have to move carefully and quietly. Accidentally hit a tin can under your feet, squeak your shoe, another terminal clangs nearby - and you will be attacked by a xenomorph.

The peculiarity of the Alien is that it's capable of learning. For example, you can distract it twice with a stun grenade, but it won't buy this trick next time. Or once he gets a volley of flamethrower, he will no longer attack you head-on when you have that weapon in your hands. As you pass, it becomes more difficult to play, but more interesting.

World War Z - Give Zombies Hell

In the story, the world is overrun by zombies, and you and your three teammates must survive in four cities: Moscow, New York, Tokyo, and Jerusalem. Each city has three locations to pass through.

In World War Z, you move around, destroying hordes of zombies along the way. And when you get to a control point, you fortify it and prepare for battle: lay mines and traps, choose a good position, and replenish your ammo. Your team must withstand the onslaught of zombies and not give up the control point.

Just like in the movie, the zombies in the game are very nimble and know how to create a pyramid to climb walls and overcome obstacles. Therefore, there is almost no time for thinking and aiming. Besides usual zombies in World War Z there are also special enemies - for example, Screamer shouts loudly, attracting hordes of living dead from the whole neighborhood. And Hazmat, after being destroyed, releases a cloud of poisonous gas that can kill all players.

Evil Dead: The Game - Play as a Demon or as a Human

Evil Dead: The Game is an online shooter where you have to interact with other players to win. The plot is simple: four characters must survive and exorcise a demon, and the forces of evil get in their way in every way possible.

The player can choose either side, but the trick is that four gamers play for humans, and only one for the demon. Survivors must find three pieces of the map, the book Necronomicon and the Candarian Dagger, perform a ritual and exorcise evil. The demon's task is to summon monsters from the portal, set traps or engage in open combat to prevent them from passing the level.

An interesting trick in the game is the level of fear of the character. It gradually increases, and to reduce it, players need to stick together, rest by the fire more often and turn on as many light sources as possible. If the level of fear becomes too high, the demon can possess one of the survivors, and his teammates will not even guess about it. In this case, the effect of surprise is assured: the demon can strike stealthily, throw away resources and weapons, or trap players.

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