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The Most Beautiful Games to Play On PC Today

The Most Beautiful Games to Play On PC Today

Published: Tuesday, November 01, 2022Tagged: Gaming

Beautiful graphics in games aren't always about detail, realism, ray tracing, and 4K textures. Attractive visuals that would play a huge role in creating atmosphere can look like a drawing on a scrapbook or a comic book, and we can prove this by discovering simple but good-looking games on a Hellspin login website. Here are games with good graphics that are suitable even for weak PCs.

The Most Beautiful Games to Play On PC Today

Death Stranding

Many people will call Death Stranding a courier simulator and they will be right. But if we are considering games with pretty pictures, then this project has to be in this list. Walking on the wasteland, weather conditions and the created atmosphere of the apocalypse won't leave any player indifferent.

Detroit: Become Human

In front of you, there is the world of androids, who realize their identity, and only you can decide their future fate. Characters' faces are elaborated in the game, including the display of emotions, which is not surprising, since the game is made in the style of an interactive movie.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Formerly a PS exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn is now available to all PC players. Here you will find a fascinating adventure with an interesting story in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by robotic dinosaurs and animals. Brilliant landscapes, diverse and fascinating gameplay will make you stay here for dozens of hours.

Metro Exodus

The Metro series has always been fond of its post-apocalyptic atmosphere. If previously we could be satisfied with the "scenic" subway tunnels, now we are offered to assess the scale of the disaster, getting out. You only need to enter the settings and turn on the ray tracing to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery. Metro Exodus is out on Xbox and PC.

Control News


Another former PS exclusive. The developers of Control did a great job and managed to turn seemingly faceless and boring offices into a work of art. If you turn on ray tracing, the graphics will play with brighter colors. The game boasts a perfect combination of colors, geometry and light.


Firewatch is more than just a walking simulator, it's also an interesting indie adventure with a touching story about firefighter Henry. Explore the world as you progress smoothly through the story. Your only connection to the world is a walkie-talkie, through which you communicate with your boss Delilah.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Assassins Creed Valhalla

Ubisoft has always offered the gaming community interesting historical adventures. This time we are going to the end of the 9th century - the time when the Vikings, who came from Norway, decided to settle in England. If we look at games with the most beautiful graphics, Valhalla fits all the parameters. Moreover, the graphics and the scenery is much more attractive than the storyline and homogeneous tasks.

Forza Horizon 4

This game is justly awarded as the most beautiful race. You are faced with a huge open world and changing seasons. Maybe the gaming industry hasn't seen such beautiful racing games. Everything in Forza Horizon 4 is perfect - from the dusty asphalt to the breathtaking scenery.

Doom Eternal News

Doom Eternal

The Doom series is known for its dynamism and mincemeat that we have to make from hordes of hellish monsters. But apart from the interesting gameplay, Eternal also boasts of its visuals. So detailed monsters and environments are absent in any action-shooter.

Resident Evil: Village

This is a sequel to the seventh part of Resident Evil. Now Ethan has to rescue his daughter and go to the isolated village. During the gaming process you will face different enemies and fascinating locations. Just look at the Italian-style mansion Beneviento or the medieval palace Dimitrescu.

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