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MOZART REQUIEM Is Finally Available For XBOX ONE & XBOX SERIES X|S Consoles

MOZART REQUIEM Is Finally Available For XBOX ONE & XBOX SERIES X|S Consoles

Published: Monday, November 14, 2022Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X|S

MOZART REQUIEM, is finally available for Xbox consoles. Featuring the Master of Music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, MOZART REQUIEM brings his world to life.

MOZART REQUIEM Is Finally Available For XBOX ONE & XBOX SERIES X|S Consoles

The story unfolds as Mozart journeys to Prague in 1788 for the premiere of one of his plays, but ends up encountering more than he bargained for after an adventurous night. Without a clear memory, he awakens in his bedroom attempting to make sense of recent events and how he ended up there! A story so compelling that only Mozart’s music is its equal!

The story evolves from there, placing Mozart in various precarious positions and seemingly hopeless situations in which he must use his cunning, guile and wit to save himself! Written by one of the video game industry’s veteran members, Jean-Martial LeFranc, MOZART REQUIEM brings forward classic Adventure gameplay with a retro look and feel. The story builds upon the historical Mozart and his various relations with monarchs, ladies and organizations of the period. “The events are indeed inspired by real life events which took place in Prague at the time. Nationalists were trying to shake up the emperor's rule and some may have had some dark plans to achieve this goal. Freemasonry also play an important role in the story of the game and Mozart was indeed a Freemason.” Mentions LeFranc. “The game also shows how Mozart, pretty much like modern acts, has to travel throughout Europe to make a living as a musician.” Tested time and time again, Mozart must solve amazing cryptic riddles, challenging puzzles, while staying one step ahead of the police! Armed with only his genius and his musical talents, Mozart must save an empire!

Woven within this epic adventure is Mozart’s timeless music! An adventure that immerses the player into Mozart’s world. Arguably the most well known and creative musical genius, MOZART REQUIEM drives to bring Mozart’s world to a whole new generation in a way never seen before on console. “We wanted to bring this gem to console and PC so a that new generations of young gamers can experience Mozart before they learn about him in high school and college.” Stated Manny Granillo, HR GAMES Chief Designer. “Exposing the next generation of gamers to the musical treasure that is Mozart was a personal mission of mine. My kids, who are not even 10 years old, are now very familiar with Mozart’s music and are seeking to learn more about other composers.”

Published by Hoplite Research Games on Xbox One, MOZART REQIUEM is also available from GS2 games on PS4, Switch and PC!

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