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Three Ways Italian Football Fans Can Distract Themselves from Qatar 2022

Three Ways Italian Football Fans Can Distract Themselves from Qatar 2022

Published: Monday, November 14, 2022Tagged: Gaming

They say that there is nothing predictable about sports. But there are some surprises that are not very welcome at all when they happen to your team. This is very much the experience that the fans and players alike of the Italian national team must be feeling as they watch 32 other nations line up in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup.

Three Ways Italian Football Fans Can Distract Themselves from Qatar 2022

Italy’s absence from the tournament is all the more remarkable following their victory in last year’s Euros, denying England the trophy that they craved so much. However, a string of draws in the run-up to qualification for the World Cup finals saw Gli Azzurri pitted against North Macedonia in a play-off for a place. Even though they managed 32 shots on target in the game, they still managed to lose 1-0 – and it’s little consolation that North Macedonia didn’t make it through either, having been beaten by Portugal.

So this leaves the Italian football fan with very little to look forward to over the month’s tournament – and may well send them back to their Xbox for some football action they can enjoy. There is certainly no shortage of games to choose from, but the big two definitely dominate.


Undoubtedly the biggest of them all is the mighty FIFA franchise brought to us by EA Sports. In 2023 it will be in its 30th year and the game just goes on getting better and better. Among the list of new features for 2023 is the introduction of women’s club football, spotlighting one area of the sport that has been badly neglected in the past.

Another great feature of FIFA 23 is the Ultimate Team feature. This could give diehard Italy fans the chance to create the “Greatest Of All Time” team that could see Roberto Baggio and Paolo Rossi playing alongside Gianluigi Donnarumma and Lorenzo Insigne. Each year’s version of FIFA also seems to have even better graphics and more realistic action – and FIFA 23 is no exception.

Soccer Slots

For an altogether more left-field game that will let Italian football fans get their taste of the action, there are plenty of slots games out there that follow a soccer theme, including several released just for the World Cup. Games to look out for include Spin and Score Megaways, The Champions and Super Striker. Best of all, most online casinos also offer very generously joining bonuses for new players, and here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started.

Football Manager 2023

Or, if you want to pick up some of the skills that Roberto Mancini could benefit from when managing the Italian team, then Football Manager 2023 could be the one for you. This is a game that puts you in total control of three key areas, transfers, tactics, and matchday. So, rather than displaying your silky skills on the pitch, it’s more a question of using brain-power, and the players at your disposal to outwit the opposition.

Hopefully, these three suggestions will help Italian fans get over the disappointment of not qualifying. And, after all, the 2026 tournament in the US, Canada, and Mexico are only four short years away and Italy could be in action once more.

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