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EVILLE's November Update 1.2 'Ritualist' Brings Quality Of Life Improvements And Smaller Fixes

EVILLE's November Update 1.2 'Ritualist' Brings Quality Of Life Improvements And Smaller Fixes

Published: Tuesday, November 29, 2022Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Steam, Windows, Xbox DLC, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Store

VestGames and publisher Versus Evil announced that the November 1.2 update for multiplayer social deduction game Eville (@eville_game) is now available on all platforms. The update comes with a brand new role, new items & tons more so make sure to update your game.

EVILLE's November Update 1.2 Ritualist Brings Quality Of Life Improvements And Smaller Fixes

The latest additions to the game come in the form of a new stranger, the Ritualist, a new item for Conspirator ghosts called Poltergeist, and a new vendor item, Herbal Tea - which users can drink to restore 50 health over a period of 60 seconds.

In the role of the Ritualist, players have the Craft Cursed Doll ability, allowing them to select a player and craft a doll, binding their life to it. The doll can be used for rituals with a variety of negative effects on unsuspecting players, such as the Steal Life Essence ability, where they can sacrifice a cursed doll to steal part of another player's life and increase the Ritualist’s health.

As a Ritualist, players also have two other abilities,Dark Idol: Sacrifice a Cursed Doll to build a Dark Idol, linking your life to that of another player. (Dark Idols can be destroyed). Shared Fate: Any damage taken is split between the Ritualist and each player affected by a Dark Idol. Executions are exempt from this.

Additionally, the update introduces a new Ghost Item for Conspirators in the form of Poltergeist - which summons a Poltergeist that deals damage to everyone around themselves until it's removed by a ghost. It follows any nearby living player, but Conspirators do not take damage.

November's 1.2 update also brings some quality of life improvements and smaller fixes all of which are detailed below.

Fixes and Tweaks

Smaller Changes / Quality of Life

  • Quests can now be abandoned
  • Trapper's Traps that have been activated can now be picked up by any player and be sold to vendors as scrap metal
  • In-game HUD rework with new visuals- Agreements can be accessed and read from the main menu (under Additional Options)
  • Credits can be viewed from the main menu (under Additional Options)
  • Added Whitelist of Words that will be ignored by the profanity filter
  • Citizen Barricade: Building a barricade has a visual indicator
  • User Name can be seen in the main menu that can help for support requests (under Additional Options)

BUGFIXES (since 1.1.2)

  • [UI] Role Card texts weren't readable in russian, chinese, korean or japanese (Tome of Death, Detective, etc.)
  • [UI] Progression Screen sound kept playing if you were at the maximum level
  • Various collisions and trap placements in the Eville Map

Eville is available on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Steam, The Humble Store, and other PC retailers.

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