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GitHub Founder Launches Developer-Friendly Publisher Null Games

GitHub Founder Launches Developer-Friendly Publisher Null Games

Published: Monday, February 13, 2023Tagged: Gaming, Industry

Chris Wanstrath, founder of the software development platform GitHub, announced the formation of Null Games. Wanstrath co-created GitHub in 2007 and served as the company’s CEO for eight years culminating in its acquisition by Microsoft in 2018. Wanstrath is utilizing his background to create a healthier, more sustainable game development environment through Null Games.

GitHub Founder Launches Developer-Friendly Publisher Null Games

“Null is part of a new wave of indie game publishers that put developers first.

So many of us grew up exploring amazing digital worlds. But as we got older, we learned that the games industry isn't always fun. The creative people directly responsible for making great games are often treated the worst. In the world of indie games, the publishers have all the power and they know it. Contracts are often one-sided, as is the risk.

We think there's a better way.

When I co-founded GitHub in 2007, the story wasn't so different. App and web developers were treated as disposable. The tools they used weren't always built for them. But companies like GitHub and Heroku changed that by focusing exclusively on the developer experience. Today, app and web developers have fantastic tools and much better working conditions than they did a decade ago.

Null is just one publisher. We can't change the industry, but we're part of a growing movement that can. By partnering with developers and offering great terms, we believe they’ll make better games in a more sustainable way. At the end of the day, this is really all about the games. We've seen what the developer-unfriendly, crunch culture produces. It's time to see what happens when you treat developers and gamers with respect.” - Chris Wanstrath

Null’s first title, Tape To Tape, comes from Canadian developer Excellent Rectangle. The game tasks players with taking charge of a ragtag hockey team in a roguelite journey to the major leagues. Combining modern precision with fast-paced 90s-inspired action, Tape to Tape features a unique battle system in the form of a balanced simcade hockey experience. Hire superstars in the making, wield and upgrade puck-crushing equipment, and set out on the frigid path to victory. Players eager to take a slapshot at the championship will get their chance when Tape to Tape launches in 2023.

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