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Demon Turf Launches Free 'Tower' DLC In Early March On Steam

Demon Turf Launches Free 'Tower' DLC In Early March On Steam

Published: Friday, February 24, 2023Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Windows, Xbox DLC

Playtonic Friends and Fabraz confirmed that Tower, a free expansion for 2D/3D hybrid platformer Demon Turf that acts as the hard mode expansion for the game, arrives on March 6th on Steam.

Demon Turf Launches Free 'Tower' DLC In Early March

Demon Turf is back with a free expansion, not for the faint of heart. Beebz has been hexed by the wicked Jester, leaving her completely powerless. The Demon Queen must traverse to the top of the tower in the hopes of regaining her strength or fall to her demise. Think you’ve got what it takes to flawlessly jump, dodge and dash your way to the top?

Tower acts as the hard mode expansion for the game, challenging old and new players alike to an unforgiving task. Players will take control of an uncharacteristically vulnerable Beebz, and must make it to the top in one run. With 50 floors ahead of you and only one life to do it, we know this will push players both new and old to their limits. Jump and dash your way to the very top, but know that if you fall, it’s all over!

For those of you savvy enough to best the tower, the fun doesn’t stop there. Players will also be timed on their tower runs, meaning you can speedrun to your heart’s content and see how you stack up against other tower-trawling demons on the leaderboard! With a limited set of abilities and one shot at restoring her former glory, can Beebz beat the Jester’s Tower?

For those of you who own Demon Turf , this will be a free expansion to the game. Yes, that's right, FREE. Players can expect an update at launch before they can start their ascents.

Demo Turf is out on Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 4/5, Nintendo Switch and on PC (Steam and Epic Games Store). Demon Turf's Tower expansion will be available on March 6th on Steam. No release date was announced for consoles.

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