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Hi-Rez adds Loki to 3rd-person platform fighter game Divine Knockout (DKO)

Hi-Rez adds Loki to 3rd-person platform fighter game Divine Knockout (DKO)

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Hi-Rez Studios and developer Red Beard Games confirmed that Loki , the newest playable character for third-person platform fighter, Divine Knockout, joins his half-brother Thor in the Nordic pantheon today. The Loki update brings several improvements, including the Knockout mode taking over the 3v3 queue by popular demand.

Hi-Rez adds Loki to 3rd-person platform fighter game Divine Knockout (DKO)

Watch your back! Loki is the absolute trickster. His agility and precision with daggers make him unpredictable and lethal. His acrobatic playstyle is even more powerful while in the air, thanks to empowered attacks.

He is also a master of illusion and disruption, employing invisibility, poison, and magical daggers that obscure the vision of his opponents – introducing the new “Daze” effect. Loki can perform his most powerful trick “Explosive Me” to create a clone of himself that explodes at his command. Get ready to blow your enemy away!

All playable characters in Divine Knockout, including Loki, can be unlocked for free just by playing. Earn God tokens as you level up each God and use those tokens to unlock any other God – forever. Gods can also be directly purchased with Runes bought with real money.

Players looking for flair can already get the Nordic Nomad skin for Loki.

What’s more, Loki comes in with a variety of new content. Full details can be found on the Loki Update Notes and below is an overview:

  • Based on community feedback, teams of 3 players will now only face off in the Knockout mode – the ultimate fighting experience, no distractions. The other 3v3 modes—Oddball, Coin Blitz, and King of the Hill—will soon be available as Limited-Time Modes.

  • Want to flex a bit more on your enemies? A new type of cosmetics, Banners, are a great way to add some style to your skills. Your Banner is shown every time you knock out a God.

  • Lastly, several quality-of-life improvements have been implemented with an updated God selection flow, player titles displayed more frequently, and the Scoreboard now displaying a “Damage Done” column.

Divine Knockout is out now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

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