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RimWorld Console Edition gets Ideology expansion from Double Eleven

RimWorld Console Edition gets Ideology expansion from Double Eleven

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Co-developer and publisher Double Eleven (@DoubleElevenLtd) announced that Ideology, the much loved and requested expansion for Ludeon Studios' (@LudeonStudios) RimWorld is finally available on consoles!

RimWorld Console Edition gets Ideology expansion from Double Eleven

The Ideology expansion adds a new layer of depth and storytelling to Rimworld Console Edition allowing players to create rich, detailed cultures for their colonies. Each person in the game gets a belief system built around a collection of 1-4 core memes, where each meme represents a core idea in the belief system. By combining memes and changing the details of how they are expressed, players can create unique belief systems for their colonies.

Build your own belief system

Ideology allows players to create one or more belief systems for their colony, choosing from a wide range of core ideas and behaviours they can mix, match and customise. That involves preferences around food, comfort, love, technology, religion and attitude towards nature and other humans. You can create a peaceful, tree-loving and egalitarian tribe or favour expansion with a group of ferocious pirate nudist cannibals.

Brace for social impact

Make use of your favourite colonists’ strengths and skills by assigning them formal social roles. Believers can become leaders, moral guides or skill specialists. They will carry various duties like leading rituals or serving justice. In their new role, they can have positive effects on other believers like speeding up their healing or buffing nearby allies during combat.

Customise the rituals, places of worship and look of your believers

From sick dance parties and beautiful lantern festivals to vicious gladiator duels and ceremonial blindings, how your colonists celebrate their beliefs is totally up to you!

Each belief system is associated with different aesthetic styles which affect the look of not only rituals but also furniture, floors, apparel, and art. You can help colonists fully embrace their new beliefs by building places of worship and items fit for their new lifestyle. That can range from constructions like temples with colourful motifs and terrifying sacrificial altars to smaller work like sleep accelerators or gibbet cages designed to inspire fear.

The colonists will enjoy being around things that match the styles of their belief system but they will also want to have related clothing, tattoos or hairstyles. Take them to the styling station!

Go relic hunting and increase the influence of your colony’s belief!

Embark on multi-part quests to find the venerated relics of your belief system and use them to attract wealthy pilgrims to your colony and convert even more people to your beliefs. Explore dangerous ruins, hack spacedrones or terminals to gather info about the relics and try to survive security systems and attacks from other treasure hunters!

The rare Gauranlen tree

A majestic orange tree called the Gauranlen tree might occasionally sprout near your colony, accompanied by dryads it has a symbiotic relationship with. By building and strengthening a connection with the tree, the colonist can gain the ability to influence dryads to specialise into different castes and perform duties for the colony.

Archonexus endgame

When you feel successful and secure, you’ll have the opportunity to sell your colony and start anew with your favourite colonists and animals. In return, you’ll receive a piece of a map that leads to the archonexus - a conduit through which an ancient machine superintelligence is said to affect the physical world. Each new colony will appear next to an ancient archotech structure that you can study to unlock further pieces of the map. Unlocking three of them will allow you to locate the archonexus itself, invoke its power, and transcend physical reality through the mind of the machine god.

To celebrate the launch of Ideology, and for those of you who haven’t yet explored RimWorld, Double Eleven is releasing the Chronicles Bundle, containing RimWorld Console Edition and the two Royalty and Ideology DLCs on Xbox One and Playstation 4. The bundle will be 20% off for Xbox Gold and PlayStation Plus members from April 25th to May 1st 2023 inclusive.

The Ideology DLC is available separately for $19.99 / £15.49 / €19.99.

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