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Xbox Consoles to Get “Rightfully, Beary Arms”, a Cuddly and Crazy Roguelite, in 2024

Xbox Consoles to Get “Rightfully, Beary Arms”, a Cuddly and Crazy Roguelite, in 2024

Published: Thursday, July 27, 2023Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Steam, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X|S

Daylight Basement Studios' (@DayliteBasement) bullet hell rogue-lite Rightfully, Beary Arms will unleash its furry fury on Xbox consoles in 2024. But Beary won't wait that long to blast off, as he joins Steam Early Access today.

Xbox Consoles to Get “Rightfully, Beary Arms”, a Cuddly and Crazy Roguelite, in 2024

Rightfully, Beary Arms is a bullet hell rogue-lite that is about much more than collecting loot, dying and losing everything. Carefully choose enemy upgrades against your own, then plan your dungeon crawl tactfully to gun through unique factions of enemies, strategically preserving loot after death.

Confide in a special little teddy named Beary and help this lovable angel reign cuddly terror on mobs of scheming bad guys from Boo Bees to Battery Boys and Toadalee’s alike. Plot Beary’s next intergalactic dungeon crawl before launching hot lead into waves of alien slime balls. Unleash an unhinged assault across the cosmos or carefully execute a lucrative annihilation strategy.

Furry assassins can decide how their runs will go by selecting upgrades for both Beary and his nemeses at the end of each stage. Make the action sweet like honey with extra health and loot drops or crank up the heat of Beary’s weapons to really give it to his not-so-pawsome foes. Then carefully choose between health and speed boosts, more reinforcements, and other challenging enemy buffs to customize difficulty.

Want to exterminate pea brain baddies even faster? Amass some off-the-wall firepower only a grizzly can handle like the rainbow scattering lasers of the Catling gun, or the seemingly cutesy FoamBall gun that disintegrates bad guys into piles of pixelated ash. Stash weapons, collect currency, and discover delicious goodies while maintaining Beary’s spot at the top of the interstellar food chain.

Rightfully, Beary Arms launches on PC via Steam Early Access today for $9.99 USD with a 10% launch discount and a planned release for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One in 2024.

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