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Xbox Series X|S welcomes Final Fantasy XIV Online to its lineup

Xbox Series X|S welcomes Final Fantasy XIV Online to its lineup

Published: Monday, July 31, 2023Tagged: Gaming, Xbox Series X|S

Final Fantasy XIV Online, the fourteenth mainline game in the critically acclaimed MMORPG series is officially coming to Xbox Series X|S.

Xbox Series X|S welcomes Final Fantasy XIV Online to its lineup

FFXIV is an online MMORPG where you can join 27 million other players in epic adventures across a vast and diverse world. Whether you want to fight fearsome monsters, craft unique items, ride Chocobos, Moogles, and Airships, play mini-games and mahjong at the Gold Saucer, or buy your own house, FFXIV has something for everyone.

Final Fantasy XIV Online is set in Hydaelyn, a beautiful planet where the Light of the Crystal guides all life. You will explore Eorzea, one of the Three Great Continents, where gods and heroes shape the realm. Your adventure begins when the Mothercrystal calls you to save the world from eternal Darkness.

Create your own fully customizable Warrior of Light and embark on a quest for adventure. Explore towering cities, sand-swept deserts, dense forests, and glittering shorelines as you forge your own legend in the world.

Discover new stories, characters, and enemies to confront as you discover new areas, collecting powerful weapons and armor along the way. Travel solo or bring friends along for the ride and take on ever more powerful enemies as you fight to shape the future of this fragile world.

Final Fantasy XIV Online comes to Xbox Series X and Series S in 2024 on March 21st, 2024.

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