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Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland - Join the Rugrats in a new game coming to consoles and PC in 2024

Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland - Join the Rugrats in a new game coming to consoles and PC in 2024

Published: Thursday, September 21, 2023Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Steam, Windows, Xbox Series X|S

Publisher The MIX Games and developer WALLRIDE revealed that Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland, a new game based on the popular animated series Rugrats will be available in 2024 on consoles and PC. Fans of the game can also look forward to a physical edition that will be released by Limited Run Games (@LimitedRunGames).

Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland - Join the Rugrats in a new game coming to consoles and PC in 2024

Join Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil on a wild journey full of imagination and wonder. Invite a baby buddy or go solo on a level-based, co-op adventure inspired by classic retro titles of the NES era, juice up with modern game design..

Power through high-speed chases, sneak around as a baby-stack trench coat, and destroy buildings on TV as Reptar! Meet familiar faces including Angelica, Cynthia and Spike along the way, and take a trip down memory lane thanks to stunning hand-drawn animations reminiscent of the original TV classic or enjoy the adventure in a nostalgic 8-bit style. Take up the mantle and guide a band of infant heroes as they unleash mischief on the world!

Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland Features

  • Explore multiple levels featuring its own theme, secrets, and boss encounter from the Rugrats world
  • Hop, bop, and swap between babies, each with distinct abilities and mechanics
  • Toggle between 8bit and HD art featuring hand drawn animations to match the cartoon’s style

Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland is the first title from a multi-game partnership between The MIX Games and Paramount. The MIX Games will publish fresh neo-retro games with classic mechanics built for today’s gamers both independently and in collaboration with awesome creative teams. The team also has games in different genres and original titles in development, and will support these multiplatform experiences throughout development, including financial, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing efforts. To help deliver a unique experience, launches from The MIX Games will feature limited edition hardware systems and collectibles through its longtime partnership with Limited Run Games, including funding contributions from Limited Run for initial releases.

Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland will release on consoles and PC in 2024. Specific consoles were not announced. Watch the official reveal trailer!

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