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Train Sim World 4's first route Add-on is available now on Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms

Train Sim World 4's first route Add-on is available now on Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms

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Train Sim World 4's (@trainsimworld) first new route add-on "Blackpool Branches: Preston - Blackpool & Ormskirk" is out now on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms.With a healthy selection of back catalogue routes available for British railway enthusiasts and gamers alike, it is perhaps no surprise that the first new route Add-on for the popular simulation game is also from the UK.

Train Sim World 4's first route Add-on is available now on Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms

Blackpool Branches: Preston - Blackpool & Ormskirk, developed by Partner Programme Developer Just Trains and published by Dovetail Games, covers part of West Lancashire circa 1986 and features a network of branch lines extending through Preston to Ormskirk in the south and the former Burn Naze branch line to the north, which was closed in 1970. Both Blackpool North and Blackpool South stations feature too, along with notable landmarks in the illuminated Blackpool Tower and an animated Pleasure Beach rollercoaster.

Matt Peddlesden – Executive Producer of Train Sim World: “Back to the 80s, my favorite era, to drive my favorite train, the Pacer - I'm in heaven! Blackpool Branches brilliantly captures the real essence of rail operations back in the halcyon days of British Rail blue in the UK across both branch and mainline operations.”

Players will take to the cab of the whimsical Class 142 Pacer. These utilitarian ‘buses on rails’ were derived from Leyland buses and initially intended to be a temporary measure to replace older trains across the network. Billed as “the train that just won’t go away” and defined by jittery performance and breezy folding leaf doors, their ‘temporary’ services lasted from 1984 right through until 2021 and saw them take to the rails across Britain – from Carlisle and Dumfries in the north to Devon and Cornwall in the south as well as Wales and of course the northwest of England, including Blackpool.

A series of Scenarios to play through, collectibles to find and an accurate and varied timetable to operate form this route Add-on, which requires ownership of Train Sim World 4 to play. Also included are the Class 47 and Class 08 locomotives which themselves are perennial fan favourites of the British railway network. The route also makes use of all the new features from Train Sim World 4, including Free Roam, Photo Mode, and Volumetric Fog.

Longtime fans of Train Sim World can also make use of more trains and locomotives around Blackpool if they own previous British routes from the extensive back catalog, including steam trains from the previously released Spirit of Steam route and a host of other BR blue diesel locomotives.

Train Sim World 4: Blackpool Branches: Preston - Blackpool & Ormskirk route Add-on is out now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, and Steam for $39.99 / £29.99 / €35.99.

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