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Lake: Season's Greetings Is Now Available For Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4|5 and PC

Lake: Season's Greetings Is Now Available For Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4|5 and PC

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Lake’s (@Lake_The_Game) holiday-themed prequel DLC, Lake: Season’s Greetings, is now available for Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC! Play as Thomas Weiss and deliver the holiday cheer in this cozy new chapter of the game.

Lake: Season's Greetings Is Now Available For Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4|5 and PC

Lake: Season’s Greetings takes place during 1985’s holiday season, one year before the original Lake game. Players take on the role of Thomas Weiss, an amiable mail carrier and father to Lake’s protagonist, Meredith Weiss. Changing the perspective from Meredith to her father, players will gain an understanding of the Weiss family dynamics and an insight into a snow-covered Providence Oaks from a long-time resident’s point of view. Not only will players learn more about the familiar faces they have grown to love from the main story, but Season’s Greetings introduces five completely new characters to the town of Providence Oaks, each with their very own storylines.

Lake: Season’s Greetings features:

  • Travel back to 1985 and discover what Providence Oaks was like before Meredith through the eyes of her father during the winter holiday.

  • Enjoy a variety of after-work activities that include hanging with friends, staying in for a night of television, and going out like it’s 1985.

  • Experience a branching story that doesn’t shy away from slice-of-life themes. Like life, there are no right or wrong answers.

The DLC provides more background to some unanswered questions that were teased in Lake. Following the ideals of the base game, Season’s Greetings will continue to focus on slice-of-life themes and relaxing vibes, this time embedded in a comfy holiday setting. So curl up with some hot cocoa and a copy of Season’s Greetings because it isn’t Christmas until Thomas Weiss has delivered the holiday cheer.

To celebrate the release of Lake: Season’s Greetings, gift your friends or family Lake on PC at a discount this holiday season! From November 15 through 21, the base game will be available at a 60% discount on Steam and a 50% discount on the Epic Games Store. PlayStation players in Europe can also pick up Lake for PlayStation 4 and 5 for a 50% discount from November 15 to 29!

Also, in case you missed Lake the first time around, you’ll be able to pick up both games on Xbox and PlayStation as part of the Lake: Special Delivery Bundle! For Xbox Game Pass holders, the Lake: Special Delivery bundle (includes the base game and Season’s Greetings DLC) is 40% off.

Lake: Season's Greetings is available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store for $19.99! Purchase Lake and Lake: Season’s Greetings on Xbox One or Series S|X by picking up the Lake: Special Delivery Bundle for $24.99.

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