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Realm of Ink: The Game that Draws You In - Watch the First Devlog Now!

Realm of Ink: The Game that Draws You In - Watch the First Devlog Now!

Published: Wednesday, February 21, 2024Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Steam, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X|S

Get a glimpse of the making of Realm of Ink (@realmofink), the action roguelite by indie publisher 663 Games. The first Devlog in a series is out now!

Realm of Ink: The Game that Draws You In. Watch the First Devlog Now!

Realm of Ink is an Ink-style action Roguelite game. While pursuing the Fox Demon, the swordswoman Red, unexpectedly finds that her life is dictated by the 'destiny' within the world of the book. Only by breaking free can she unveil the truth of her existence and challenge the constraints of fate.

The story unfolds in a virtual realm called "Realm of Ink" where inhabitants unknowingly exist as mere fabrications within a fictional world. Controlled by the mysterious Book Spirit, they obediently follow predetermined fates, oblivious to their cyclical lives.

  • In the Realm of Ink, the puppets awaken - Begin your journey as the swordswoman Red, gradually unlocking additional characters as you progress. Utilizing the Fox Demons' immortal power, traverse treacherous 'Story Relics' and confront four bosses with unique backgrounds to escape from the ever-changing Realm of Ink. By surmounting the various challenges and obstacles ahead, you will redefine your 'destiny' through the constant cycle of rebirth, wielding your sword with resilience.

  • Exquisite Ink-style Art - From the verdant Buddhist forests, the frigid enchanted Monkey Kingdom, and the gentle yet terrifying waterland to the ancient and reverent ruins of Mausoleum, the four major levels each have a guardian, and their mysterious pasts await your exploration. Wielding a sword, venture alone through the dim world and overcome formidable foes. Explore and conquer over 20 creatures with distinctive Chinese characteristics, including the Fox Demon, Peony Fariy, and Mirror Sprite. Each of them comes with a unique backstory.

  • Fierce battles with infinite creativity - Embark on thrilling battles and explore diverse combinations to craft your unique combat style. Choose from 3 playable characters: Unparalleled Swordswoman Red, Nightmare Hunter Wang Ding, and Fox Judge Ning Ye; and equip yourself with 9 powerful weapons, including the Scarlet Sword and the Shadow Twin Blades. Further, enhance your abilities with over 20 distinctive Ink Gems such as the Tiger Ink, Venom Ink, and Curse Ink, and discover a vast array of over 120 Artifacts including the Shadow Kite, the Lamp of Seven Stars, and the Doom Gauge.

  • Various combinations and builds - Ink Gems have assorted appearances, and they will reinforce one another. Use them to explore diverse builds of martial arts schools and master powerful skills of Yin and Yang to defeat enemies with a single strike.

  • Discover rare magical treasures - Hundreds of rare magical treasures trigger various unique effects and provide distinctive attribute bonuses, empowering your martial arts schools and allowing you to effortlessly defeat all enemies! You can also engage in long-term character development outside of combat and unlock new combinations of moves and combat styles. With a dual-cycle system inside and outside combat, you'll have a fresh experience every time!

  • A journey into the unknown, composed of distinctive stages - Explore a variety of battle stages and routes where you can collect Ink Relics, fortune and magical treasure as well as duels with bosses. In this exhilarating journey into the unknown, you will enter various stages and encounter a diverse cast of NPCs, making the entire journey full of surprises!

  • Fight alongside your intimate Ink Pets - Mysterious in origin and adorable in appearance, the Ink Pets will be your companions. As the Ink Gems level up, your Ink Pets will also undergo a transformation, becoming more powerful to fight alongside you!

Join developer Leap Studio’s CEO Dai, and Lead Artist VC as they introduce the studio and team and talk about how they met, the concept behind making the game, and the decisions behind the beautiful ink-style art used to create the game.

Fans can still experience the fantastic full first level in the Realm of Ink Steam demo, transporting them to the frigid Ape Kingdom and introducing the three major schools of combat and Ink Pets, your loyal allies throughout your perilous journey. The demo can be downloaded from Steam now.

Developed by Leap Studio and Maple Leaf Studio, Realm of Ink will be released in 2024 on consoles and PC. Specific consoles have NOT been announced.

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