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Xbox One will support up to eight controllers

Xbox One will support up to eight controllers

Published: Friday, September 06, 2013Tagged: Gaming, Xbox Hardware, Xbox One,

The Xbox One will support up to eight wireless controllers at once, Microsoft has announced. That’s double the number supported by the original Xbox and Xbox 360.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hyrb has taken to Reddit to refute claims the Xbox One’s development was rushed.

“The Xbox One program has been in development for years, so calling it 'Rushed' is incorrect,” wrote Hyrb.

“Did we have a few challenges between May and August? Sure. But we are working on our own schedule – not anyone else's.

“At Gamescom, every game in the Xbox booth was running on final Xbox One hardware. Every. Single. One. That would paint a very different take on the being 'rushed'.”

Finally, Microsoft’s Albert Penello told Forbes that the Xbox One was almost called the Xbox Infinity, before the marketing department stepped in.

“That’s actually from the brand guys. The name is all them,” said Penello.

“We just wanted to make sure the hardware was solid. What it was called was top secret, even for many people on the team.

“The name Xbox Infinity was in the running, I can say that. [The marketing team is] crafty. Who’s to say that they didn’t leak that name out in the weeks ahead of the launch? They are very crafty.”

The Xbox One is launching November 22 in 13 launch countries. For more of the latest Xbox One game trailers, news, xbox live updates, release dates and more, please visit XBOXONE-HQ.COM.

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