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Wartales' 'Pirates of Belerion' & 'The Tavern Opens' DLCs Now Available For Xbox Series X|S

Wartales' 'Pirates of Belerion' & 'The Tavern Opens' DLCs Now Available For Xbox Series X|S

Published: Wednesday, June 05, 2024Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Xbox DLC, Xbox Live, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Store

"Wartales," (@Wartales_Game) the medieval open-world tactical RPG crafted by Shiro Games (@shirogames), embarks on new adventures with the release of the "Pirates of Belerion" DLC and celebrates in style with "The Tavern Opens!" DLC, now available on Xbox Series X|S. These expansions, which have already captivated PC gamers via Steam, are set to enhance the "Wartales" experience for Xbox Series owners today.

Wartales' 'Pirates of Belerion' & 'The Tavern Opens' DLCs Now Available For Xbox Series X|S

Chart a course through dangerous, pirate-infested waters in Wartales' largest DLC to date, Pirates of Belerion. Navigate wild winds in strategic marine-based combat. Engage enemies aboard their vessels or launch attacks from a distance to earn a vicious reputation. Knock the notorious Sea Lords from their ranks in oceans riddled with strife.

With the ever-looming threat of the high seas, hired blades will need every advantage they can get. Dock near small seaside villages and interface with its citizens who might offer assistance to those who lend a hand to their plights. Keep everything shipshape by upgrading the vessel’s hull, sail, figurehead, and ballista. Get to know each Sea Lord and their distinct nefarious wiles

Looking for a more economic approach to surviving Wartales? Establish a place of respite in The Tavern Opens!, the most recent DLC offering a new way to fund a lethal band of mercenaries. Recruit a staff of cooks, brew masters, and attendants to grow a haven for other mercs, travelers, and brigands. Clientele from 15 factions can visit the tavern, each with preferences to discover and cater to.

Address rival establishments by sending spies and thieves to borrow trade secrets. Cooks and Brewers can then utilize recipes to their advantage. After all, it’s just business. With the right staff, good draft, strategic theft, and a little luck anyone can fund a warband with a thriving tavern.

Pirates of Belerion ($19.99) and The Tavern Opens! ($12.99) are available now on Xbox Series X|S.

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