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Gone Home: Console Edition Out Now For Xbox One, PS4

Gone Home: Console Edition Out Now For Xbox One, PS4

Published: Tuesday, January 12, 2016Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox Store

"Gone Home: Console Edition", the genre-defining Story Exploration Video Game, is now available as a digital download on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in North America.

Gone Home: Console Edition

Winner of more than 50 end of year awards including Polygon's Game of the Year and IGN's PC Game of the Year, Gone Home is a landmark independent title that redefined interactive narrative experiences. Focusing on issues of family, identity, love and loss, Gone Home touched players’ lives in ways few games can.

In Gone Home you arrive home after a year abroad. You expect your family to greet you, but the house is empty. Something’s not right. Where is everyone? And what’s happened here? Find out for yourself as you explore the house on Arbor Hill.

Developed by The Fullbright Company and published by Midnight City, "Gone Home: Console Edition" is available as a digital download on Xbox One and PS4, priced at $19.99 USD.

According to the game's official Twitter page, the game has been delayed "due to last-minute complications with ratings/cert." in Europe and Australia. In otherwords, you can expect the game to launch as soon as possible.

For more information on the game, browse through all of our Gone Home: Console Edition screenshots, game trailers and loads more via the Xbox One Games database.

Size: 3.24 GB
Price: $19.99 USD
Xbox Games Store: here
XBOXONEHQ Games: Gone Home: Console Edition

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