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Blast ‘Em Bunnies Xbox One Digital Pre-order Details & Release Dates

Blast ‘Em Bunnies Xbox One Digital Pre-order Details & Release Dates

Published: Thursday, February 11, 2016Tagged: Gaming, Xbox One, Xbox Store

Endless bunny shooter 'Blast ‘Em Bunnies' is now available for digital pre-order and pre-download from the Xbox Store on Xbox One.

Blast ‘Em Bunnies

Blast Bunnies and collect coins to upgrade your weapons. Can you defend your burrow from their onslaught? Pick them off using a carrot rifle, pelt their furry hides with the watermelon pip machine gun or wreak havoc with the runner bean laser. Want to destroy as many of them as possible? The turnip mortar will do maximum splash damage.

These crafty cottontails come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them can even fly, so you’ll need every weapon in your armoury to deal with this barbarous band of bitter bunnies. How they became evil, where they came from and who taught them to fly remains a mystery. But there’s no time to ponder these rabbit riddles, just grab your favourite weapon and…Blast ‘Em Bunnies!

Developed by Nnooo and published via the ID@Xbox program, Blast ‘Em Bunnies is available to pre-order from the Xbox Store for $4.99/€ 4,99/£3.99/$6.65 AUD. Blast ‘Em Bunnies will be available PS4 and PSVita starting March 8th in America, in Europe, Australia and NZ on March 9th (PS4 and VITA), March 10th for Nintendo 3DS and finally March 11th for the Xbox One.

The Xbox version of the game features 73 achievements with a total of 1000 gamerscore points. Check out the complete list of Blast ‘Em Bunnies achievements for the game on XONEHQ and for more information browse through all of our coverage via the Xbox One games hub.

File Size: 955.79 MB
Digital Pre-Order: here
Price: $4.99/€ 4,99/£3.99/$6.65 AUD
Xbox One Games: Blast ‘Em Bunnies

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