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ChiliDog Interactive

ChiliDog Interactive

ChiliDog Interactive is an independent video game publisher and developer.

Some of ChiliDog Interactive's most popular games are:

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Company Name ChiliDog Interactive
Twitter @ChiliDogInt

Games published by ChiliDog Interactive

 Zombo Buster Rising boxart for Xbox One

Zombo Buster Rising

Shoot zombies from a terrace like a boss! Zombo Buster Rising brings you a nostalgic experience of classic 2D side shooting-defense in the enhanced build! Zombo Buster Rising includes challenging achievements, two AI-Assisted NPCs, three super abi..

Platform: Xbox One

October 22, 2021

A Day Without Me boxart for Xbox One

A Day Without Me

A Day Without Me is an intriguing adventure game with a high emphasis on puzzles. It combines adventure, horror and drama elements. Main character wakes up as the only person left in the whole city. Now he has to find out what’s happened, where has..

Platform: Xbox One

September 10, 2021

Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt boxart for Xbox One

Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt

Stop the wicked schemes of an evil pharaoh before your city is annihilated in this heart-stopping match-three adventure! With Standard, Advanced and Untimed modes, Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt offers a thrilling experience for every player. When..

Platform: Xbox One

October 15, 2021

Boom Blaster boxart for Xbox One

Boom Blaster

Boom Blaster is an outstanding, brain-blasting, groundshaking, oldschool mega Run 'n Gun game! A group of space prisoners took their chance to escape. But their road to freedom would not be so easy. Meet all kinds of classic monsters and deadly enemi..

Platform: Xbox One

February 19, 2021

CATTCH boxart for Xbox One


Amazing! You’ve finally found something you really needed! Colourful and enthralling platform game with the bold anthropomorphic animal as protagonist! Meet the Cattch! Cattch is the cat with a classy jersey! He acts just like you, and when he g..

Platform: Xbox One

December 18, 2020

Caves and Castles: Underworld boxart for Xbox One

Caves and Castles: Underworld

Caves and Castles: Underworld is Coming to Xbox One on January 29! Find adventure beyond your imagination and riches untold as you descend into the caves beneath an ancient castle! Enjoy colorful hand-drawn art and animation, a charming story and ..

Platform: Xbox One

January 29, 2021

Crossbow Crusade boxart for Xbox One

Crossbow Crusade

You are the legendary monster hunter on a mission to survive the slaughter through the Dead Kingdom. Armed only with a trusty crossbow and old-fashioned trench coat, you have to reach the bowels of a dying country riddled with hordes of blood-soaking..

Platform: Xbox One

May 28, 2021

Dead Dust boxart for Xbox One

Dead Dust

Dead Dust takes place in the Wild West. It’s full of reckless gunfights, gunpowder smell, endless prairies and hot-headed cowboys. The main character is called Shlango, and he’s a fearless bounty hunter. He receives a letter from a very important..

Platform: Xbox One

April 23, 2021

Die With Glory boxart for Xbox One

Die With Glory

Die With Glory is a humor-packed adventure game with a rich, non-linear storyline where your ultimate goal is to die. Sigurd is the old Viking who has been a warrior all his life and has never lost in battle. Now he’s ready to die with glory and..

Platform: Xbox One

March 26, 2021

Earth Marines boxart for Xbox One

Earth Marines

Earth Marines is a new game by HugePixel and Diedemor Studio. It’s an action-packed run-and-gun shooter full of zombies and brutal gunfights. Special task force from Earth has to eradicate the zombie threat — that’s why they come heavily packed..

Platform: Xbox One

September 17, 2021

Farm Frenzy: Refreshed boxart for Xbox One

Farm Frenzy: Refreshed

The time has come for the legendary game to get the second life. Farm Frenzy is back and it’s for real — the world famous arcade time management sim franchise is coming to consoles for the first time as a special Refreshed Edition! Time to get yo..

Platform: Xbox One

June 11, 2021

Glittering Sword boxart for Xbox One

Glittering Sword

Glittering Sword is replete with spiritual references to classic games from the 90s, and the bright and harmonious visual design sets the player up for an exciting adventure from the very beginning...

Platform: Xbox One

February 5, 2021

Karma. Incarnation 1 boxart for Xbox One

Karma. Incarnation 1

This original adventure game explores a love story between two beautiful souls through ingenious humour and a bizarre, hand-drawn, frame-by-frame animation style. Our hero’s beloved has been abducted by evil spirits, and the only way to reunite the..

Platform: Xbox One

May 14, 2021

Lord of the Click II boxart for Xbox One

Lord of the Click II

Yes! Oh my gosh! Hell yeah! This long-promised day has finally come with the release of the game that kills not only your time but your calories as well! The return of the legendary Lord of the Click has happened so suddenly and with a number ..

Platform: Xbox One

October 8, 2021

Mighty Aphid boxart for Xbox One

Mighty Aphid

His famous father is aging. His mother is dying. And his big sister is on the moon. So it is up to Avery «Aphid» Cavor to stop the villainous Lady Bug from wrecking the town of Victoria with her horde of monsters! Mighty Aphid by Cascadia Games —..

Platform: Xbox One

June 25, 2021

Restless Night boxart for Xbox One

Restless Night

Hordes of zombies and bloodsucking bats, dozens of deadly mutants and cannibals, reanimated maniacs and pumpkin-killers — can you handle these mobs? You will have to survive through the night each and every time you’ll play Restless Night. This g..

Platform: Xbox One

July 16, 2021

Scrap Garden boxart for Xbox One

Scrap Garden

Scrap Garden is an adorable family-friendly puzzle platformer. It tells a thrilling story of Canny, a lonely robot, who awakens in a post-robocalyptic world to find all the other robots shut down and seized up. In a moment our Canny is ready for the ..

Platform: Xbox One

July 23, 2021

Whiskey Mafia: Frank's Story boxart for Xbox One

Whiskey Mafia: Frank's Story

Whiskey Mafia: Frank's Story is the new chapter of an ambitious crime story set in New York City in the mid 1920s. It tells the story of Frank, a humble and unremarkable postman who dreams of living big time. He receives a letter from his old buddy L..

Platform: Xbox One

August 13, 2021

Yoko & Yuki: Dr. Rat's Revenge boxart for Xbox One

Yoko & Yuki: Dr. Rat's Revenge

Yoko & Yuki: Dr. Rat's Revenge is a family game suitable for kids of all ages. Yoko and Yuki are two adorable cats in love with each other. But the devious doctor Rat stole Yuki from Yoko. Now it’s time to do some cat business — to save the girlf..

Platform: Xbox One

April 9, 2021

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