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List of video games published by Ratalaika Games S.L.

Ratalaika Games S.L.

Some of Ratalaika Games S.L.'s most popular games are:

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Company Name Ratalaika Games S.L.
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Games published by Ratalaika Games S.L.

7 Days of Rose Xbox One boxart

7 Days of Rose

Michael considers himself to be a boring, average 17-year old. While most of his classmates have discovered their passions and talents, nothing seems to draw his interest. It's finally summer and he's trying to decide what to do with his life aft..

Platform: Xbox One

November 4, 2022

A Frog's Job Xbox One boxart

A Frog's Job

The omnipotent Frog God has promised you the gift of reincarnation. All you have to do first is to save the lost souls of 40 frogs, which is no easy task. You’ve been gifted with the ability to suspend and resume time at your will. Jump over ..

Platform: Xbox One

October 7, 2022

Aquadine Xbox One boxart


After his mother was hospitalized for an unknown disease, Robin Liyun works as a part-time gondolier to make ends meet, but under an alias named Ciel. As he finishes giving tours one night, a mysterious voice lures him to discover a beautiful merm..

Platform: Xbox One

August 26, 2022

Arenas Of Tanks Xbox One boxart

Arenas Of Tanks

Arenas Of Tanks is a fun and imaginative experience of being a toy tank. In each level, you'll face off against opposing toy vehicles in a challenge emphasizing movement and accuracy. Find cover, use the radar, shoot and ricochet projectiles, and fin..

Platform: Xbox One

August 19, 2022

Avenging Spirit Xbox One boxart

Avenging Spirit

Avenging Spirit, known in Japan as Phantasm (ファンタズム), is a 1991 2-player platform arcade game developed by C.P. Brain and published by Jaleco. During a romantic walk with his girlfriend, the main character is attacked by enemy agents w..

Platform: Xbox One

July 29, 2022

Billy 101 Xbox One boxart

Billy 101

Billy 101 is a puzzle platformer featuring 30 handcrafted levels, and plenty of enemies to destroy. Meet Billy, a robot who is tired of his work on the production lines, who then decided to blow up everything and everyone in order to make his own cho..

Platform: Xbox One

March 31, 2023

Bones of Halloween Xbox One boxart

Bones of Halloween

You awaken in a dark forest near a castle and quickly realize that you’re being hunted by grotesque pumpkin skeletons risen from the grave. They’re after more than just your Halloween candy. Shoot down as many enemies as you can! You’ll have..

Platform: Xbox One

October 28, 2022

Bumballon Xbox One boxart


Join Bumballon on this cute but frantic adventure spanning across an incredible world full of dangers! Explore 7 unique worlds overflowing with beautifully animated graphics and retro game nostalgia. Overcome various perils to save Bumballon's mag..

Platform: Xbox One

April 7, 2023

Caffeine: Victoria's Legacy Xbox One boxart

Caffeine: Victoria's Legacy

Caffeine: Victoria's Legacy is a choice-rich, fantasy adventure visual novel set in a steam punk Victorian reality. While on a journey to his long lost mum's homeland, Taka mysteriously finds himself in the city of Victoria. Soon he’s staring at..

Platform: Xbox One

September 30, 2022

Castle Formers Xbox One boxart

Castle Formers

Castle Formers cleverly combines platform action with castle defense to create original and dynamic gameplay. Choose to control a king or queen and defend your beloved castle from invading hordes. Every day you have the opportunity to build your d..

Platform: Xbox One

April 22, 2022

Catmaze Xbox One boxart


Age-old tales will come to life in the unforgettable adventure of Alesta, a sorceress whose courage guides her through world of the dead. Embark on a heroic quest that will take Alesta through gloomy marshes, quaint villages, and deep forests and ..

Platform: Xbox One

September 9, 2022

Chasing Static Xbox One boxart

Chasing Static

A psychological horror short story. Explore the untouched wilderness of rural Wales as you uncover the forgotten remains of a mysterious facility and find the truth behind the missing villagers of Hearth. In the dead of night a fierce storm rages ..

Platform: Xbox One

January 12, 2023

Chefy-Chef Xbox One boxart


Pineapple-radish salad is a favorite dish of the Chef named Chefy. Once again approaching the refrigerator, Chefy magically finds himself in new worlds in which he has to find the ingredients for his favorite dish! Armed with your culinary skills ..

Platform: Xbox One

May 6, 2022

Cyber Citizen Shockman Xbox One boxart

Cyber Citizen Shockman

Cyber Citizen Shockman launches May 19th on @XBOX Everything was going great for Tasuke and Kyapiko until one fateful day when they woke up as the cybernetically enhanced, Shockman! Thanks to the genius of the Doc, they were given the opportun..

Platform: Xbox One

May 19, 2023

CyberHeroes Arena DX Xbox One boxart

CyberHeroes Arena DX

CyberHeroes Arena is a mecha-themed auto battle roguelite ready for major fun! Choose your robot, create your build and destroy all cyber monsters to survive. Move around avoiding enemies while automatically shooting; Collect money to buy skills a..

Platform: Xbox One

February 17, 2023

DoraKone Xbox One boxart


Something new is hitting the mobile markets and taking the world by storm! An augmented reality game called Dragon Connection (DraCo) allows players to collect and battle with hundreds of dragons! Dulce, after spending a few weeks saving up for a ..

Platform: Xbox One

April 25, 2023

Dungeon Slime Collection Xbox One boxart

Dungeon Slime Collection

While walking in the forest, our slime fell into a slippery dungeon! Can you help him get out only by sliding to the dungeon’s walls? Dungeon Slime Collection is a bundle of two games, Dungeon Slime: Puzzle’s Adventure and Dungeon Slime 2: Puz..

Platform: Xbox One

July 22, 2022

EvilUP Xbox One boxart


EvilUP is an adventure for roguelike and RPG fans! Fight with the bloodthirsty monsters, explore the dark corners of the labyrinths, and improve your skills and character development. Offering challenging quests, various equipment, numerous types of ..

Platform: Xbox One

March 10, 2023

Gardener's Path Xbox One boxart

Gardener's Path

Gardener’s Path is a top-down turn-based puzzle game, about fighting giant insects and protecting underground gardens. Solve increasingly elaborate puzzles scattered throughout 60 handcrafted gardens, each one with their own set of friends and f..

Platform: Xbox One

December 22, 2021

Gematombe Xbox One boxart


Hello and welcome to Gematombe! the action-puzzle-vs-game inspired on classic arcades and greek mythology! Challenge your friends or follow pandora and the daemones on their adventures. Launch the ball to hit and break consecutive gems of the same..

Platform: Xbox One

April 28, 2023

God Damn The Garden Xbox One boxart

God Damn The Garden

God Damn The Garden challenges you to face the trial of Skeleton Bastard, which tests whether or not you're worthy of becoming the next king of Badass Heaven. In a vast underworld, find a way to escape from the mysterious depths of God Damns Worl..

Platform: Xbox One

October 14, 2022

Gruta Xbox One boxart


Gruta is a narrative-driven platformer where you play as a child that runs away to fight the monster she thought was causing trouble in her family. Uncover the mysterious truth as told through original hand-drawn cut scenes, completely without text. ..

Platform: Xbox One

May 5, 2023

Gunman Tales Xbox One boxart

Gunman Tales

Gunman Tales is an old-school action-adventure game for 1-4 players set in the wild west and inspired by the legendary game from Amiga Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight and Cabal You're a wild west bounty hunter on a mission to find the Legendary Lost..

Platform: Xbox One

March 3, 2023

Headbangers in Holiday Hell Xbox One boxart

Headbangers in Holiday Hell

You didn't buy a hideous woolly jumper. You didn't buy, gift and receive enough presents. Worst of all, you didn't even get a Christmas tree! Now Santa Claus is sending his craziest minions to quell your non-conformist antics. Let's introduce them to..

Platform: Xbox One

December 21, 2022

How to Fool a Liar King Remastered Xbox One boxart

How to Fool a Liar King Remastered

The story begins after the ending of "How to Take Off Your Mask." Regina, our heroine, magically appears in the kingdom of Eroolia. She has no idea how she ended up in Eroolia, and here, she meets Juli and his companions, whom she ends up joining on ..

Platform: Xbox One

November 25, 2022

Intrepid Izzy Xbox One boxart

Intrepid Izzy

Intrepid Izzy is a genre-defying 2D game with a unique HD art style. Seamlessly blending platforming with beat-'em-up and adventure elements, the game features a striking art style inspired by retro game graphics, with crisp, detailed sprites with sm..

Platform: Xbox One

December 2, 2022

Kansei: The Second Turn HD  Xbox One boxart

Kansei: The Second Turn HD

A teenager with the ability to relive the death of any corpse he touches finds himself tangled in another murder case when the owner of a high profile corporation dies under mysterious circumstances. This time, however, he's forced to team up with a ..

Platform: Xbox One

January 14, 2022

Kinduo Xbox One boxart


Kinduo is a game where two elemental friends overcome obstacles to return to their island. Push boxes, use electricity to connect objects, break ice blocks, blow things up and more in this cute and colorful game! For anyone who likes platform p..

Platform: Xbox One

January 21, 2022

Kuroi Tsubasa Xbox One boxart

Kuroi Tsubasa

When Blackwing the devil left the world of fire and brimstone behind for the sunny human world, his evil shadow side also accidentally escaped with him. Soon chaos ensued! Blackwing must team up with a local office lady Kureha Kurono and her frien..

Platform: Xbox One

June 2, 2023

Light of Life Xbox One boxart

Light of Life

Light of Life is a challenging precision platformer about an elf named Elanor who possesses an incredible power! The magical Life Fragments have been stolen by malicious goblins, and it’s up to Elanor to use her trusty bow and arrow to recover them..

Platform: Xbox One

April 21, 2023

Little Disaster Xbox One boxart

Little Disaster

Help this little disaster to reach the shiny crystal on every level in this explosive puzzle platformer. Watch the timing of your explosion-meter, otherwise you can destroy everything around you! Use your brain to solve each puzzle, and complete m..

Platform: Xbox One

May 12, 2023

Long Live The Queen Xbox One boxart

Long Live The Queen

Being a Princess is not an easy job. Being a Queen is even harder. Especially when you're only fourteen years old, and the reason you've inherited the throne is that your royal mother has just met an untimely end. Can you survive long enough to re..

Platform: Xbox One

July 12, 2022

Lootbox Lyfe+ Xbox One boxart

Lootbox Lyfe+

Lootbox Lyfe is a Metroidvania with high-skill movement as the core of its gameplay. Save your species by exploring a desolate, interconnected world riddled with platforming obstacles. You wake up from a long slumber only to see the world you once..

Platform: Xbox One

February 24, 2023

Moto Roader MC Xbox One boxart

Moto Roader MC

The iconic Moto Roader MC was first released on 1992. Full speed ahead thirty years, and this beloved title is now poised at the starting line on consoles. Play head to head against the computer or locally with a friend in multiple modes of fut..

Platform: Xbox One

February 25, 2022

Mrs.Cat Between Worlds Xbox One boxart

Mrs.Cat Between Worlds

Mrs.Cat Between Worlds is set in cute and deadly fantasy versions of the planets Mars and Neptune. In this 2D precision platformer series, you have to master the skill of jumping with different amounts of gravity, as well as other special space cat m..

Platform: Xbox One

January 17, 2023

Panda Punch Xbox One boxart

Panda Punch

Panda Punch is a puzzle platformer game in which you have to control a bionic armed red panda and save the world from evil alien robots. Along the way, you’ll solve puzzles on the levels, collect coins, look for super coins, and increase your ab..

Platform: Xbox One

December 16, 2022

Parasite Pack Xbox One boxart

Parasite Pack

Flea! is a challenging 2D platformer with an intriguing back story. Play as Henry the Hyperactive Flea who just can’t stop jumping! Meet weird characters and discover secrets while exploring 80 levels of brutally difficult yet nostalgic 8-bit ma..

Platform: Xbox One

July 1, 2022

Pets at Work Xbox One boxart

Pets at Work

Some pets got lost in an office setting, and now these dogs and cats need to work together using boxes, mats, and buttons. Players can just run amok climbing on chairs and tables, and make a mess in this colorful little game! Pets at Work is a coz..

Platform: Xbox One

February 3, 2023

Quest for Infamy Xbox One boxart

Quest for Infamy

Return to the glory days of role-playing and adventure with this humor-filled epic fantasy, styled in the vein of classic RPGs, where you play the charming villain. Blending turn-based combat and spell casting with puzzle solving and adventure, pl..

Platform: Xbox One

March 4, 2022

REMOTE LIFE Xbox One boxart


REMOTE LIFE is a 2D side-scrolling Shoot 'Em Up (shmup). Experience a fast paced action game with striking aesthetics. The gorgeously animated 3D graphics are full of creepy monsters, ominous backgrounds, and menacing bosses. Featuring 16 differen..

Platform: Xbox One

May 27, 2022

REPLIKATOR Xbox One boxart


REPLIKATOR is a top-down shooter with roguelike elements, set in an abandoned space science complex. In the role of a galactic mercenary, you will have to fight against hordes of crazed robots and ectoplasmic monsters. Explore a mysterious scienti..

Platform: Xbox One

May 26, 2023

Road of Death Xbox One boxart

Road of Death

Road of Death is a 2D shooter with elements of survival and rogue-like. After a terrible accident at the local nuclear power plant, huge areas of land were contaminated with radiation. Under its influence, many living organisms were mutated and becam..

Platform: Xbox One

July 8, 2022

Roar of Revenge Xbox One boxart

Roar of Revenge

Inspired by epic platforming classics from days gone by, Roar of Revenge is an exhilarating adventure through a vibrant world full of monsters, magic, and challenge. Take control of Keel the Barbarian, and face a vast bestiary of foes while collec..

Platform: Xbox One

September 23, 2022

Roll The Cat Xbox One boxart

Roll The Cat

Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night because you hear a cat meowing? Roll The Cat is a game about that! On each level, you have to roll the cats back into their bed. Only then you will convince them to sleep. Use your spatial logic and try..

Platform: Xbox One

August 5, 2022

RUNOUT Xbox One boxart


RUNOUT is a dynamic runner-platformer with logical riddles in the setting of the future. Players always run, but when they collide with any obstacle, they turn in the opposite direction. The mechanics involve harnessing abilities to jump, shoot, s..

Platform: Xbox One

October 21, 2022

Save Room Xbox One boxart

Save Room

When you enter a Save Room you know you are safe, no danger can come to you, you can relax. Take advantage of this short period of time to organize your inventory, heal your wounds and reload your weapons. Can you make all the items fit in your in..

Platform: Xbox One

November 11, 2022

Slime's Journey Xbox One boxart

Slime's Journey

In a fairy tale kingdom, there were two lovely slimes who loved each other so much. One day, these two loving slimes were abducted by a powerful shaman looking to use them as ingredients for an evil potion. But the slime couple’s small child was..

Platform: Xbox One

November 18, 2022

Steel Defier Xbox One boxart

Steel Defier

Are you ready to escape from your tight prison cell? A malfunction in the defense system of a transport spaceship accidentally killed everyone aboard, except for one last survivor… You and your suspiciously orange suit. Explore the maze-like env..

Platform: Xbox One

March 24, 2023

Super Onion Boy 2 Xbox One boxart

Super Onion Boy 2

Super Onion Boy 2 is a classic 2D action and adventure game in retro style in pixel art. Your mission is to save your friends who were captured by a terrible monster with psychic powers. Defeat enemies on the way with the help of superpowers an..

Platform: Xbox One

January 28, 2022

TEN - Ten Rooms, Ten Seconds Xbox One boxart

TEN - Ten Rooms, Ten Seconds

TEN - Ten Rooms, Ten Seconds is heading to Xbox on June 3rd. TEN is a challenging platformer in which you face a relentless gauntlet of ten-second deathtrap rooms in a desperate struggle to escape your fate and uncover the truth! Collect tokens..

Platform: Xbox One

June 3, 2022

The Bounty Huntress Xbox One boxart

The Bounty Huntress

In this Metroidvania-style game, Rhea is a bounty huntress with a task to save people kidnapped in the City of Vaunard. They have been taken to the mysterious Aresdale castle. Rhea has many special skills that will help her accomplish this difficult ..

Platform: Xbox One

November 15, 2022

The Dark Prophecy Xbox One boxart

The Dark Prophecy

Play as Jacob, an average medieval boy, on his quest to save the kingdom from cataclysmic witchcraft. Soon Jacob finds himself amid a whirlpool of magical events. Now the fate of his village (and whole kingdom) depends on him. Explore a vibrant world..

Platform: Xbox One

September 16, 2022

The Guise Xbox One boxart

The Guise

As the story begins, you play as Ogden, an orphan whose curiosity got the better of him. He gave in to temptation and tried on a cursed mask that transformed him into a monster. You will have to get used to his cursed, monstrous body and try not t..

Platform: Xbox One

March 17, 2023

The Psychoduck Xbox One boxart

The Psychoduck

The Psychoduck is a stealth game about a psychotic duck who collects crowns and has no problem killing all the enemy herons to increase his collection. Distract sentries with your slingshot, surf alligators, help turtles make way, and more! Gather al..

Platform: Xbox One

June 24, 2022

The Song Out of Space Xbox One boxart

The Song Out of Space

In 1962, during the height of the Cold War, twelve astronomers at a deep-space observatory were found dead. Because of the proximity of an important military base, two federal agents were sent to investigate any Russian involvement… And what the..

Platform: Xbox One

February 4, 2022

Trenches Xbox One boxart


Enter a World War 1 first-person horror survival game where you have to survive and escape the harsh war-torn environment of the year 1917. Experience the war from the eyes of a soldier caught behind enemy lines. Explore the real chilling story as..

Platform: Xbox One

January 20, 2023

Ultra Pixel Survive Xbox One boxart

Ultra Pixel Survive

Command heroes with unique abilities, harvest natural resources to collect materials, then build and develop your military defenses. Each night the enemy hordes will attack the village, and challenge your strategic and tactical prowess to survive. Ex..

Platform: Xbox One

April 14, 2023

Wonderland Nights: White Rabbit's Diary Xbox One boxart

Wonderland Nights: White Rabbit's Diary

The four nations of Wonderland meet every year to agree on shared policies and enact their various schemes against each other. You are the White Rabbit, and your job is to organize the schedule. Every decision you make affects the destiny of Wonderla..

Platform: Xbox One

January 27, 2023

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