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Badland Indie Games

List of video games published by Badland Indie

Badland Indie

BadLand Indie is an international publishing company that firmly believes in the need to support emerging talent. We are passionate gamers on a mission to find the diamonds in the rough. Working alongside talented developers, we bring captivating, outstanding games to the masses.

Some of Badland Indie's most popular games are:

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Company Name Badland Indie

Games published by Badland Indie

Anima: Gate of Memories Xbox One boxart

Anima: Gate of Memories

Third person action RPG "Anima: Gate of Memories" launches on June 3rd! #XboxOne #Anima Anima: Gate of Memories is a third person action RPG that tells the story of two beings bound by an unwilling pact, a legendary monster and a girl who lost her..

Platform: Xbox One

June 03, 2016

Castles Xbox One boxart


Castles tells the story of the ambitious King Harold, whose greatest achievement will be the tower you are constructing. As the tower grows taller and taller, more and more challenges arise along with it. Unpredictable weather combined with the effor..

Platform: Xbox One

October 5, 2016

Demon's Crystals Xbox One boxart

Demon's Crystals

"Demon's Crystals is a frenetic twin stick shooter where you guide the Urican demons through countless hazards in order to restore peace to the world. A variety of weapons and power-ups will help you defeat the massive enemy hordes. The Urican have a..

Platform: Xbox One

May 12, 2017

Dex Xbox One boxart


Discover the truth behind an enigmatic AI striving to reach the Singularity, a theoretical “event horizon” in which artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence and all bets about the future will be off. How will you play your part in ..

Platform: Xbox One

July 8, 2016

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal Xbox One boxart

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal

A world destroyed by a crystal explosion, a mysterious threat hanging over its inhabitants, and a goddess who creates a hero. This is Ginger: Beyond The Crystal. The towns are devastated and their inhabitants disappeared, but there is still hope. Gi..

Platform: Xbox One

October 26, 2016

Heart&Slash Xbox One boxart


Heart&Slash is a 3D brawler roguelike robot love story set in a world where machines are all that remains from human civilization. You play as Heart, a sentient robot fighting to escape the grip of the evil and all seeing machine QuAsSy (Quality A..

Platform: Xbox One

June 24, 2016

Zenith Xbox One boxart


Zenith is an action RPG that combines that feel of the golden era RPG games with a generous dose of humor and parody. The game counts with a solid story which unfolds in a fantasy world populated by dozens of unorthodox characters. Adventuring, explo..

Platform: Xbox One

September 30, 2016

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