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Cube Games

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Company Name Cube Games

Games published by Cube Games

Project Snaqe Xbox One boxart

Project Snaqe

Project SNAQE is an action and precision game inspired by the classic Snake. The game has 3 different modes with progressive difficulty levels, in addition to the classic mode that harks back to the traditional Snake gameplay. Project SNAQE promis..

Platform: Xbox One

December 20, 2022

Super Rebellion Xbox One boxart

Super Rebellion

Humanity succumbed to the power of an intergalactic alien empire, but managed to organize itself and establish a resistance army. Join the rebels in their quest for peace and help them defeat the evil that haunts the Earth...

Platform: Xbox One

November 23, 2022

X-Force Genesis Xbox One boxart

X-Force Genesis

X-Force Genes is aa love letter to fans of shmups from the 80s/90s. X-Force Genesis is a space shooter created from amazing graphics and insane boss battles. Join this epic adventure and don't let the enemies take over the Genesis planet..

Platform: Xbox One

May 4, 2022

X-Force Genesis - Title Update Xbox One boxart

X-Force Genesis - Title Update

no description available.

Platform: Xbox One

February 3, 2023

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