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Surprise Attack Games Games

List of video games published by Surprise Attack Games

Surprise Attack Games

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Company Name Surprise Attack Games

Games published by Surprise Attack Games

Screencheat Xbox One boxart


Screencheat is coming to Xbox One on March 1st, 2016! Screencheat is the ridiculous split-screen shooter where everyone is invisible so you have to “screencheat” (Screencheat - verb: to look at your opponent’s screens. “Stop screencheatin..

Platform: Xbox One

March 1, 2016

Super Mutant Alien Assault Xbox One boxart

Super Mutant Alien Assault

Dance with death through randomised rooms to clear your space freighter of irradiated aliens in a brutal arcade platformer shooter stuffed to the brim with unlockable weapons, explosives, special abilities and defense moves. ..

Platform: Xbox One

July 12, 2016

Western Press Xbox One boxart

Western Press

Based on a true story, Western Press is the most historically accurate frontier dueling game available for Xbox One. Probably. Up to 16 players (or bots) compete in a tournament of 1v1 sprints to press a random string of ten buttons the fastest...

Platform: Xbox One

March 23, 2018

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