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Dead Drop Studios LLC Games

List of video games published by Dead Drop Studios LLC

Games published by Dead Drop Studios LLC

Dinobreak Xbox One boxart


The crises of the past return in DINOBREAK as dinosaurs overwhelm a metropolitan city on a fateful night in 1999. Band together with survivors across the city to uncover the origins of the onslaught, and find a path to safety. DINOBREAK looks, sounds..

Platform: Xbox One

October 4, 2023

Outbreak Lost Hope Definitive Edition Xbox One boxart

Outbreak Lost Hope Definitive Edition

Experience a mother's desperate search for her daughter in the midst of a nation-wide epidemic. Taking place in the Outbreak universe by Dead Drop Studios, this story follows Gwen just after her harrowing escape from an urban center during the outbre..

Platform: Xbox One

February 12, 2021

Outbreak: Contagious Memories Xbox One boxart

Outbreak: Contagious Memories

Return to the world of '90s survival horror in Outbreak: Contagious Memories. Experience Lydia's desperate escape from a city overrun with the undead. Meet fellow survivors, scrounge for supplies, fight off undead monstrosities in brutally gory co..

Platform: Xbox One

April 6, 2022

Outbreak: Endless Nightmares Xbox One boxart

Outbreak: Endless Nightmares

Outbreak: Endless Nightmares twists the series' survival horror gameplay by adding elements of roguelike gameplay. You'll need to explore, hunt for supplies, uncover clues, and fight your way through each anomaly – each consisting of semi-procedura..

Platform: Xbox One

May 19, 2021

Outbreak: Epidemic Xbox One boxart

Outbreak: Epidemic

The infection goes nation-wide in Outbreak: Epidemic, available February 12, 2020 on Xbox! #Outbreak Outbreak: Epidemic is an action-focused survival horror adventure. Featuring the great Outbreak series gameplay with greater mobility, crushing di..

Platform: Xbox One

February 12, 2020

Outbreak: The New Nightmare Definitive Edition Xbox One boxart

Outbreak: The New Nightmare Definitive Edition

Enter an unforgiving co-op survival horror experience as you fight for your life against oppressive odds. The horrors of Arzt Memorial Hospital were just the beginning of the outbreak. As the infection spread across the city, local law enforcement fe..

Platform: Xbox One

January 15, 2021

Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles Xbox One boxart

Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles

As the city burns and the countryside is engulfed by the epidemic, you're now alone and forced to live with this new reality. Monstrous beasts and disfigured remnants roam freely with their numbers increasing rapidly. Scattered and separated from you..

Platform: Xbox One

May 2, 2018

Railbreak Xbox Series boxart


Crack open your piggy bank, snag a fizzy soda, and take a trip back to the 1990’s arcade. Railbreak launches on @Xbox on December 22nd! It's Saturday night in Cypress Ridge which means the city is in ruins, hordes of flesh-eating undead are on t..

Platform: Xbox Series

December 22, 2023

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