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List of video games published by 8floor games

Games published by 8floor games

DayD: Through Time Xbox One boxart

DayD: Through Time

Brian is a gifted and eccentric scientist who has created a time machine and traveled into the past! But it turns out you can’t expect a careless stroll through the lands of the dinosaurs. His former friend, Doctor Terrible, is already here! He cre..

Platform: Xbox One

January 30, 2019

Lost Artifacts: Golden Island Xbox One boxart

Lost Artifacts: Golden Island

Dare to travel an unknown country full of secrets and mysticism in this exciting casual strategy game, Lost Artifacts Golden Island! A multitude of varied quests, over 40 levels, a happy plot, simple and entertaining gameplay and a mysterious world ..

Platform: Xbox One

April 1, 2020

Lost Artifacts: Soulstone Xbox One boxart

Lost Artifacts: Soulstone

After the Soulstone is stolen during an auction in the national museum, Claire and her loyal helpers witnessed the revival of the terracotta army and its Emperor. The Emperor wishes to take over the world by awakening a dragon from the crater of a vo..

Platform: Xbox One

February 13, 2019

Lost Artifacts: Time Machine Xbox One boxart

Lost Artifacts: Time Machine

A mysterious villain is using a time machine to destroy everything in his path. He wants to return the Priest, the King of Atlantis and the Ancient Emperor so he can use them to create a new world order! Claire and her friends must find out who the v..

Platform: Xbox One

October 10, 2019

Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes Xbox One boxart

Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes

The gates to another world will open soon! You can stop the impending disaster, but to do so at all costs to return the stolen stamps! Vanessa is the only heiress of Abraham Van Helsing, a member of the secret order of light guarding the peace of ..

Platform: Xbox One

March 5, 2021

Royal Roads Xbox One boxart

Royal Roads

Experience lively locations, exhilarating levels, entertaining characters, and gameplay for all ages. Embark on an exciting journey through a fairytale kingdom as you work to unite elves, gnomes, and humans to help turn a princess into a queen. ..

Platform: Xbox One

April 5, 2019

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