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List of video games published by Fantastico Studio

Fantastico Studio

Some of Fantastico Studio's most popular games are:

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Company Name Fantastico Studio

Games published by Fantastico Studio

A Painter's Tale: Curon, 1950 Xbox One boxart

A Painter's Tale: Curon, 1950

A Painter's Tale: Curon, 1950 is a story about love and resistance, an adventure game about historical memory. The bell tower that comes out of the lake is the last memento of the old village of Curon, flooded by the waters of Lake Reschen in 1950 du..

Platform: Xbox One

June 8, 2023

A Sketchbook About Her Sun Xbox One boxart

A Sketchbook About Her Sun

Confused about her feelings for someone, Lucia, the main character, decides to flee from her city and wanders through a smaller town where she’s never been, searching for herself while still tormented by the thought of the person she’s attracted ..

Platform: Xbox One

April 8, 2022

Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare Xbox One boxart

Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare

Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare is an interactive horror graphic adventure made with Unity, with the direction and script of Ruggero Deodato, the original drawings of Solo Macello, in which the player will take control of different characters, to reveal, ..

Platform: Xbox One


Cannibal Xbox One boxart


Cannibal is an interactive horror graphic adventure made with Unity, with the direction and script of Ruggero Deodato, the original drawings of Solo Macello, in which the player will take control of different characters, to reveal, little by little, ..

Platform: Xbox One

November 2020

Cuccchi Xbox One boxart


Cuccchi is the first artist archive created in the form of a video game. It’s the official playable archive of Enzo Cucchi's works of art. Cuccchi is a game where you explore beautiful dioramas and go through dangerous and trippy labyrinths, in..

Platform: Xbox One

July 30, 2021

Firework - a modern tale Xbox One boxart

Firework - a modern tale

Follow Yan the Defective One through his fight against the Fire Troops and let him unveil the Facility's mystery. Dive into a modern tale written by David de La Rosa and developed by Ivan Zanotti. Make your way through the Facility and face platf..

Platform: Xbox One

February 12, 2021

Galaxy Shooter DX Xbox One boxart

Galaxy Shooter DX

Take your starship to fight! Cruise the Galaxy and shoot down formations of the evil Kraathu Empire. Dodge the bullet hell and shoot ’em up!..

Platform: Xbox One

November 9, 2021

Get 10 Quest Xbox One boxart

Get 10 Quest

Get 10 Quest is an incredible puzzle game that will keep you stick to the screen with its simple, intuitive yet deep gameplay and eye-catching, fresh graphics. Face the game in 2 different modes, Endless and Levels. Experience 6 different gameplay th..

Platform: Xbox One

February 3, 2021

Hero Express Xbox One boxart

Hero Express

Hero Express is the maddest driving game out there. Play the role of a delivery man and save the absent minded hero by delivering him his tools. 2D action, fast paced physic based gameplay and lots of fun tracks. Hero Express: "Heroic deliveries, rig..

Platform: Xbox One

May 7, 2019

Landflix Odyssey Xbox One boxart

Landflix Odyssey

Landflix Odyssey is an action platform in which players play as Larry, a lazy binge-watcher who finds himself trapped inside the streaming service after using special batteries. This incredible world is called Landflix! In order to return home he has..

Platform: Xbox One

November 27, 2020

Mahjong Adventure DX Xbox One boxart

Mahjong Adventure DX

Mahjong Adventure DX is a mahjong game based on a classic Chinese game. Great fit for players who love games like brain puzzles, crossword, chess, mahjong, word search, solitaire, match-3 and other smart games and puzzle brain games. Develop your min..

Platform: Xbox One

December 22, 2020

Milky Way Prince - The Vampire Star Xbox One boxart

Milky Way Prince - The Vampire Star

A visual novel about an abusive relationship, idealization, and intimacy. Live a summer of dysfunctional love through branching storylines, twists, sudden changes, and a special mechanic where you choose which senses to use with your boyfriend. In th..

Platform: Xbox One

June 21, 2022

Promesa Xbox One boxart


Promesa is a personal project born from a family conversation, where you wander through dreams and memories emerging from a dialogue between a grandfather and his grandchild. While listening to someone trying to remember their experiences, past and p..

Platform: Xbox One

June 11, 2021

Tcheco in the Castle of Lucio Xbox One boxart

Tcheco in the Castle of Lucio

Tcheco in the Castle of Lucio is an 8-bit, 2D platformer. It’s a challenging, non stop action experience that incentivizes quick thinking, platforming precision and memorization. Like older 8-bit games, it’s a game that’s meant to be replayed o..

Platform: Xbox One

June 5, 2020

Top Run Xbox One boxart

Top Run

Top Run is endless runner with platformer elements. It has everything we love: neon, pixel art, a bit of outrun, tiny piece of synthwave, scanlines, VHS effects. Play as Kevin and his dog Buddy and make your way through the neon city full of dangerou..

Platform: Xbox One

January 31, 2020

Venice 2089 Xbox One boxart

Venice 2089

In Venice 2089, you'll explore the city through the eyes of Nova, a bored teenager who has no clue about what to do in life and just wants to relax from the stress of their usual routine. Use your hoverboard to navigate the streets of Venice in a ..

Platform: Xbox One

July 20, 2023

Will Die Alone Xbox One boxart

Will Die Alone

Congratulations! You just got hired by Dewitt Corp. for their memory program, your job starts tomorrow. Our customers come to us to solve their current problems. Your task is to dig into their past and find the right memories to erase to change th..

Platform: Xbox One

May 20, 2022

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