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Zombie Vikings Achievements

Find all the Zombie Vikings achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 33 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping? 0 Have 6 enemies stunned at the same time 15
Catch! Catch! 0 Kill an enemy with their own projectile 15
Mid-air Collision Mid-air Collision 0 Revive a friend by throwing both parts into each other mid-air 15
In my face In my face 0 Defeat an enemy by throwing a friends head into them 15
Ball-sense Ball-sense 0 Catch the same three times without them touching the ground 15
High Level Tactics High Level Tactics 0 Make an enemy bounce on 4 others 15
Born to fly Born to fly 0 Keep an enemy airborne for 4 seconds 15
We call this Pöng We call this Pöng 0 Strike a frozen enemies back and forth 10 times 15
Sharing is caring Sharing is caring 0 Have all players hold an enemy before it touches the ground 15
Perks of being a zombie Perks of being a zombie 0 Get revived 50 times 15
Flattened Flattened 0 Have the crushers defeat 10 enemies 15
Nice To Beak You Nice To Beak You 0 Have Beaknose defeat 10 enemies 15
Space Butterflies Space Butterflies 0 Clear Tavern Brawl in Rich Side unscathed 15
Fowl Play Fowl Play 0 Kill an enemy by throwing a chicken at them 15
Strike! Strike! 0 Hit a frozen enemy into 5 other enemies 15
Holmgang Holmgang 0 Win a duel to the undeath 15
I hope it doesn’t stain I hope it doesn’t stain 0 Defeat a boss using zombie vomit 30
Zombiosis Zombiosis 0 Perform the 4 player charge attack on the stitch zombie 30
Mighty Blow Mighty Blow 0 Kill 3 ulgars at the same time 30
You are not supposed to be here You are not supposed to be here 0 Find the super secret developer area 30
I can see my house from here I can see my house from here 0 Form a zombie tower of 5 with a guest of your choice 30
They also use it on new years day They also use it on new years day 0 Escape the fishturd cannon unschathed with 4 players 30
Go Unicorns! Go Unicorns! 0 Win against the Butterflies in Söcker without letting the other team score once 30
A new beginning A new beginning 0 Complete the objective in Fe 30
Stealth tactics Stealth tactics 0 Complete the gnome cave without ever being detected 30
Big spender Big spender 0 Spend a total of 30.000 gold in the store 30
House Cure House Cure 0 Defeat the Common Cold without hitting him with your sword 30
Is such a thing even possible? Is such a thing even possible? 0 Finish Berzerker Factory without touching a conveyor belt 30
Zombies roll-out! Zombies roll-out! 0 Finish the story! 80
Master at arms Master at arms 0 Unlock all weapons 80
Runemaster Runemaster 0 Unlock all runes 80
A helping hand A helping hand 0 Complete all sidequests in the game 80
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 0 Open 25 chests 80