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Necropolis Achievements

Full list of Necropolis achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Necropolis has 13 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Librarian Librarian 0 Recovered your first Codex. 50
Master Librarian Master Librarian 0 Recovered all Codexes. 150
Power Slayer Power Slayer 0 Has slain an enemy using a power attack. 50
True Adventurer True Adventurer 0 Has discovered what lies at the bottom of the Necropolis. 200
Craftsperson Craftsperson 0 Has crafted something (mostly) useful. 50
Epic Miser Epic Miser 0 Has amassed tremendous wealth. 100
Master Chef Master Chef 0 Has mastered the ability to craft all items. 100
Suit Up Suit Up 0 Has found some fancy new duds. 50

Secret Achievements

Sneaky, Sneaky Sneaky, Sneaky 0 Found an alternate route deeper into the Necropolis. 50
Misadventurer Misadventurer 0 Has been slain by a diabolical contraption. 50
Adventurous Eater Adventurous Eater 0 Has consumed something without even knowing what it is. 50
Intrepid Adventurer Intrepid Adventurer 0 Has survived longer than your average dungeon delver. 50
Welcome to the Necropolis Welcome to the Necropolis 0 Has been slain in the Necropolis. 50