XCOM 2 - Alien Hunters Achievements

Firaxis Games
2K Games

There are 10 achievements with a total of 195 points.

Forbidden Experiment Forbidden Experiment 0 Investigate the Abandoned Research Facility 20
Viper Vanquisher Viper Vanquisher 0 Kill the Viper Ruler 15
Berserker Breaker Berserker Breaker 0 Kill the Berserker Ruler 15
Archon Annihilator Archon Annihilator 0 Kill the Archon Ruler 15
Kingslayer Kingslayer 0 Kill all three alien rulers in a single game 20
Deadly Arsenal Deadly Arsenal 0 Purchase all of the final tier hunter weapons 20
Regicide Regicide 0 Kill an alien ruler the first time you encounter it 30
Now I am the Master Now I am the Master 0 Use all ruler armor abilities in a single mission 20
Enemy Adopted Enemy Adopted 0 Use a ruler armor ability against an alien ruler 20
Not throwing away my shot Not throwing away my shot 0 Kill an alien ruler while it attempts to escape 20

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