Homefront: The Revolution - Voice of Freedom Achievements

Dambuster Studios
Deep Silver

There are 8 achievements with a total of 150 points.

Documentarian Documentarian 0 Collect 6 journals. 10
Shadow Hunter Shadow Hunter 0 Takedown 5 Bandits without detection. 20
Do you like to play with FIRE?! Do you like to play with FIRE?! 0 Set 5 Bandits On Fire. 10

Secret Achievements

The Need for speed The Need for speed 0 Escape the tunnel collapse in 50 seconds or less. 10
Unbreakable Unbreakable 0 Clear the bandit camp without taking damage. 30
Going underground Going underground 0 Reach the Subway. 10
Witness me! Witness me! 0 Destroy the Bandit Car. 10
Welcome to Philly Welcome to Philly 0 Enter Greentree Yellow Zone. 50

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