XCOM 2 - Shen's Last Gift Achievements

Firaxis Games
2K Games

There are 10 achievements with a total of 160 points.

A Torch Passed A Torch Passed 0 Beat the Lost Towers mission 20
Our New Overlords Our New Overlords 0 Promote a SPARK unit to Champion rank 15
Rise of the Robots Rise of the Robots 0 Complete a mission with three or more SPARK units in the squad 15
Matter Over Mind Matter Over Mind 0 Defeat an Avatar with a SPARK unit 20
Running on Fumes Running on Fumes 0 A SPARK unit survives a mission it started with less than half health 15
Bells and Whistles Bells and Whistles 0 Outfit a SPARK unit with the highest tier weaponry and armor 15
Always Be Shooting Always Be Shooting 0 Hit three shots on a single turn with a SPARK unit after using its Overdrive ability 15
Axles to Axles, Bolts to Bolts Axles to Axles, Bolts to Bolts 0 Defeat a robotic enemy with a SPARK unit 15
Just Like Dad used to make Just Like Dad used to make 0 Build a SPARK unit 10
Make 'em go Boom Make 'em go Boom 0 Kill an enemy primed Derelict MEC before it can self-destruct 20

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