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The Dwarves Achievements

Find all the The Dwarves achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 31 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

A Feast like no other A Feast like no other 0 Celebrate the greatest feast in an unusual location 90
A single Life A single Life 0 Protect every single life 15
A warm bed A warm bed 0 Persuade the guards in Goodwater to let you in 15
Ambush Ambush 0 Survive the ambush of your foes 15
As good as it gets As good as it gets 0 Take a character to level 10 30
Bargain like a Boss Bargain like a Boss 0 Convince the smith to double his offer 30
Demon Demon 0 Kill the demon 90
East Ironhald East Ironhald 0 Reach the Firstling fortress 30
Faithful to the end Faithful to the end 0 Stay with us to the end. 40
Footsore Footsore 0 Travel, travel, travel 30
Hairy Situation Hairy Situation 0 Escape from a hairy situation unscathed 15
Justice Justice 0 Bring the bounty hunters to justice 30
Keenfire Keenfire 0 Forge the axe Keenfire 30
Legendary Halls Legendary Halls 0 Enter the Fifthling fortress 15
Liberator Liberator 0 Free a dwarf from captivity 30
Lifesaver Lifesaver 0 Save a village from the orcs 15
Light into Darkness Light into Darkness 0 Uncover the secret of Blacksaddle 15
Making Friends Making Friends 0 Gain the first two companions for your group 30
Not a scratch Not a scratch 0 Win a battle without a hero being hurt 30
Ogre's Death fortress Ogre's Death fortress 0 Reach Ogre's Death fortress 30
Oink, oink Oink, oink 0 Kill 1000 enemies 30
Old Enemies Old Enemies 0 Kill two old enemies 30
Orcslayer Orcslayer 0 Save three villages from the orcs 90
Righteous Righteous 0 Don't see the world as black and white 30
Silvertongue Silvertongue 0 Give the perfect answers to the questions of the council 30
Skilled Bargain Skilled Bargain 0 Convince the smith to pay you better 15
Sympathetic Sympathetic 0 Admit the distraught female dwarf 15
The greatest Battle The greatest Battle 0 Vanquish the biggest enemy camp 90
Victory and Defeat Victory and Defeat 0 Defend the Stone Gateway 15
Wayfarer Wayfarer 0 Enter the kingdom Weyurn 15
What needs to be done What needs to be done 0 Do what needs to be done to Giralda 15