Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - System Rift Achievements

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There are 8 achievements with a total of 180 points.

Too Hot to Handle Too Hot to Handle 0 Complete the server chamber area without being detected by any HeatEye cameras or enemies. 30
Clean Sweep Clean Sweep 0 Complete the System Rift Jensen Story without killing anyone. 30

Secret Achievements

Extract the Data… Extract the Data… 0 Get the data that Pritchard is after from within the Palisade Blade. 15
Expose the Truth! Expose the Truth! 0 Decide what to do with the evidence you uncovered. 15
Murder He Wrote Murder He Wrote 0 Find all pieces of evidence behind the Saridakis murder. 30
Help Desk Help Desk 0 Get the Blade lobby desk clerk to help you bypass security. 15
Go Figure Go Figure 0 Plant ShadowChild's figurine. 15
Knock Knock Knock Knock 0 Get Slaw to open the security door within the Palisade Blade. 30

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